The following Personal Accident Insurance Plan is underwritten by QBE General Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited.
Injured by a fall during a holiday hike? Hit a pedestrian by accident when riding a bike?
The above happen rather often. Our Personal Accident Insurance Plan (“the Plan”) covers medical expenses caused by accidents, including hospital and Chinese bonesetting* expenses, etc., and provides a lump-sum payment in the event of Accidental Death or Permanent Disablement.
Plan Features
Accidents caused by “skin-diving” and “football2Footnote remark 2 are now covered
The maximum insurance age acceptable for renewal uplifted to 803Footnote remark 3

The Plan offers you two choices of benefit level with options for multiple Insured Persons for your selection. Apply for yourself and all your Eligible Family Members (including your Spouse/Partner and children) with a daily premium of as low as HKD3.94Footnote remark 4!

Plan A Plan B
Insured Items and Coverage Maximum Claim per Insured Person per Year8Footnote remark 8
Death5Footnote remark 5 or Permanent Disablement Protection HKD500,000 HKD1,000,000

Accidental Medical Benefit (Inclusive of surgery and hospital expenses)

- Chinese Bonesetter*

(Maximum claim per visit per daily: HKD100)

Diagnosis details and official payment receipt for the relevant treatment are required to be submitted.
HKD10,000HKD500 HKD20,000HKD1,000

Additional Benefit: Double Indemnity (Death or permanent disablement caused by an Accident while travelling as a passenger in any Licensed Public Common Carrier or private car**)

Not applicable to disablement less than 100%
HKD1,000,000 HKD2,000,000
Daily Plan Premium6Footnote remark 6
The Insured only7Footnote remark 7 HKD1.7 HKD3.4
The Insured and his/her Spouse7,8Footnote remark 7, Footnote remark 8 HKD3.1 HKD6.1
The Insured and his/her All Children7,8Footnote remark 7, Footnote remark 8 HKD2.9 HKD5.4
The Insured and his/her Eligible Family Members7,8Footnote remark 7, Footnote remark 8 HKD3.9 HKD7.5

  • “Insured" means the one in whose name this Policy is issued and is aged 18 or over but under 70 at the commencement of this Policy.
  • “Insured Persons" means those Persons named in the Policy Schedule.
  • “Eligible Family Members" means Spouse or Partner and all legally dependent unmarried children, including step children and legally adopted children of the Insured, who are 6 months of age to 21 years of age or to 23 years of age if they are full-time student at local school, college or university.

Note: Above information are for reference only. Please refer to the policy for the plan coverage, exact Terms and Conditions and exclusions.

Promotion Offers
From 1 January 2023 to 31 March 2023, successfully apply for the Plan to enjoy:
Premium Discount
22% first-year premium discount6頁面備註 6(Applicable to premium paid with yearly payment mode)
e-Gift voucher
HKD 300 HKTVmall e-Gift voucher (Applicable to premium paid with yearly payment mode)