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Is your credit card account already in your Personal e-Banking profile?
  If you have not added your credit card account(s) on the Internet Account List yet, you should add your credit card account on "Account List" page under "Account Maintenance" of the Customer Services Section.

Is your credit card account available for transferring fund from or to other account ?
  If you have already added your credit card account(s) on the Internet Account List, please check your credit card account status from the "Account List " under "Account Maintenance" of Customer Services Section. If the credit card account(s) is/are not available for transferring fund from or to other account(s), please delete the account(s) from existing account list and then add the account(s) (as recipient and disbursement account(s)) again.

After completing the above arrangements, you will be able to use the online bill payment service* immediately. You can log on to Personal e-Banking, choose "Account Services", "Pay Bills" and follow the instructions to make the payment+.

* You may need to raise the transfer limit(s) before making transfer and payment (e.g. tax or other bills). Please click here for details.
+ You are advised to 'print' or 'save' your payment details for your own reference.

Method One
  You may check your latest available Credit Limit by calling our Credit Card Customer Services Hotline 2398 0000. Simply press "1" and "1" after selecting language and you will be requested to input your card number as well as phone PIN to check the Credit Limit. For Hang Seng VISA Infinite, World MasterCard, Platinum MasterCard and HKJC Membership Cardholders, please call the designated hotlines.

If you have forgotten your phone PIN, you may apply for one via Personal e-Banking, ATMs or at any Hang Seng Bank branch.

Method Two
  Alternatively, you may also check your available credit limit via Personal e-Banking: deduct the total "Credit Limit" by your "Outstanding Balance". Note that the outstanding balance shown in Personal e-Banking is up to last working day.

If the payment amount you need to pay exceeds your credit limit#, you can either:
Complete and submit the "Request Increase in Credit Card Limit Form" in Personal e-Banking (Select "Credit Cards" and "Other Related Services" from the service menu). The request must be submitted by the Principal Card Holder. We will inform you of the results within next working days^ by phone / e-mail; or
Complete the" Credit Limit Increase Request Form" at the back of Credit Card monthly statement and return by mail / fax to Hang Seng Bank Card Centre; or
Call our Credit Card Customer Services Hotline 2398 0000 or designated Hotlines to request for raising the credit limit.

For cheque payment to your credit card account, the relevant amount will be available for your usage after 2-3 working days.

For credit limit increase, please raise your request within 14 working days prior to your usage date.
Please allow three to five working days during peak period of tax payment (December and April) due to anticipated high volume of requests.

Step 1 Select "Customer Services" section from navigation menu.
Step 2 Select "Transfer/Bill Payment Limit "under "Account Maintenance"
Step 3 You can then check your current bill payment limit (tax payment limit is categorised under the type "Government")

If the payment amount you need to pay exceeds your current daily transfer limit, you can either:
Break down the payment amount and settle the payment in several days; or
Download the "e-Banking Daily Limit Maintenance Form" . Then complete and return it to any Hang Seng Bank branch to increase the bill payment limit up to HKD500,000. We will increase your transfer limit within three working days.

Merchant Categories with preset transfer limit at HKD0
To protect your interest, the preset transfer limit for Banking and Credit Card Services, Brokers, Other Financial Institutions, Sports and Leisure and White Form eIPO merchant categories is HKD$0. You are required to (1) increase your transfer limit and (2) register the respective bill account number(s) before making payment to these merchants (for White Form eIPO payment, only increase your bill payment transfer limit by submission of e-Banking Daily Limit Maintenance Form). Please download the "e-Banking Daily Limit Maintenance Form" and the "e-Banking Bill Payment Registration / Amendment Form", complete and return the form to any of our branches in person or by mail to us together with your HKID card copy. (Please allow three working days for processing).

Reminder: After checking the three steps, please remember to complete related forms and return them to any of our branches.