HAPPY BANKING! This summer is full of rewards for you. Be it account opening, credit card application, online banking transactions, currency exchange, investment or insurance plan application, you will be rewarded all the way!
Account Opening and Payroll Service Rewards:
Up to HKD10,000 Cash Reward
From now till 31 August 2020, join Prestige Banking / Preferred Banking and achieve the designated growth amount for your Total Relationship Balance to enjoy up to HKD8,800 Cash Reward. As a new Prestige Banking customer, you can also enjoy a below balance fee waiver for the first year with Total Relationship Balance as low as HKD500,000.
Total Relationship Balance Reward
Total Relationship Balance Growth Amount Cash Reward
HKD8,000,000 or above HKD8,800
HKD5,000,000 – HKD7,999,999 HKD5,000
HKD3,000,000 – HKD4,999,999 HKD2,600
HKD1,000,000 – HKD2,999,999 HKD1,300
HKD500,000 – HKD999,999 HKD300
HKD200,000 or above HKD200
HKD20,000 – HKD199,999 HKD100
Furthermore, register for the payroll service promotion, have your integrated account newly set up as the auto payroll account1, and meet the required Average Monthly Payroll Amount2 to enjoy up to HKD1,200 cash reward.
Average Monthly Payroll Amount Cash Reward
HKD80,000 or above HKD1,200
HKD50,000 – below HKD80,000 HKD1,000
HKD30,000 – below HKD50,000 HKD700
HKD10,000 – below HKD30,000 HKD400
  1. The promotion is not applicable to existing Hang Seng payroll customers; but only applicable to customers who have no payroll record under any account of the Bank within the 6 months prior to the promotion registration (not including the registration month), and fulfil all of the following requirements from 1 July 2020 to 31 August 2020, both dates inclusive ("the Promotion Period")("Eligible Customers"):
    1. Successfully register for the Promotion online (hangseng.com/payroll), through the promotion registration hotline at 2998 6018 or at any of our branches; AND
    2. Successfully receive salary in each consecutive month with a sole-named or joint-named Prestige Signature/Prestige Banking/Preferred Banking/Green Banking/Integrated Account ("Payroll Account(s)") according to the promotion registration month ("Registration Month") listed below and its respective designated payroll period ("Payroll Period") with monthly payroll amount of HKD10,000 or above.
      Registration Month Payroll Period
      July 2020 August 2020 – October 2020
      August 2020 September 2020 – November 2020
  2. The average monthly payroll amount refers to the aggregate payroll amount of the Eligible Customers in each consecutive month within the Payroll Period divided by the number of months with payroll records in the Bank. The payroll amount of each Eligible Customer must be salary directly credited to his/her Payroll Account from the employer’s company account via Autopay (transactions from non-employer’s company account are ineligible).