As the pandemic continues, daily operations and postal services are inevitably affected. By switching to e-Statement / e-Advice, you can receive statement/cash management and trade services advices timely staying on top of your account status. And it is free of charge and environmentally-friendly.

Stay up-to-date on your account status

  • Whenever a new monthly statement is available for browsing/downloading, customers who have registered their email information in Business
    e-Banking will receive an email notification immediately. No worry about the impact of the pandemic or postal delays.

  • You can also set up e-Alert to receive relevant notifications via SMS to quickly grasp your account status right away.

  • Business e-Banking can retrieve up to past 36 months of monthly account statements and the latest 30 days of Advice*. You can check anytime, anywhere.


For products which are available on e-Advices, can be found in “e-Advice” under “e-Services” of Business

No service charge – save Paper Statement Service Fee

  • Free of charge e-Statement/e-Advice

  • No need to pay service fee of HK$20 per paper statement

Easier filing by downloading e-statement

  • The content of the e-Statement is exactly the same as the paper statement. By downloading your PDF e-Statement/e-Advice, you can save the storage space for archiving paper statements and manage e-statements at ease without worrying about papers being damaged or worn out as time passes.

  • By pre-downloading monthly statements, you can have instant access to all past
    e-Statements/e-Advices for a complete set of files to facilitate auditing and tax filing anytime, anywhere.

Protect the environment

  • When you opt for e-Statement, you are doing your bit to reduce paper consumption to protect the environment and make business more sustainable.

e-Statement / e-Advice is timely, convenient and easy to use
which makes your operations more efficient.

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