Hang Seng Prestige World Mastercard® Unsurpassed Privileges

In a world of unsurpassed privileges from dining and traveling to shopping, you can be sure of enjoying remarkable experiences specially brought to you by Prestige World Mastercard.

Spending Wow Reward of up to 5% Cash Dollars Rebate

From 1 September till 30 November 2020, starting from the successful registration month, you can receive up to extra 5% Cash Dollars Rebate on eligible Mobile Payment, Online Spending, Local Dining and Department Stores transactions with your registered Hang Seng Prestige World Mastercard upon accumulating designated monthly eligible retail spending amount in the same month.

Travel and Exquisite Gourmet Privileges

Airport Limousine Service

  • Enjoy the airport limousine service at a special rate of HKD250 per ride upon accumulating every HKD3,000 or above travel-related spending with your card.

Worldwide Airport Lounge Privilege

  • Enjoy airport lounge service at over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide with your Card, pay USD32 (equivalent to HKD251) for each visit and receive $260 Cash Dollars rebate for each paid airport lounge visit in each phase upon accumulating eligible retail spending of HKD20,000 in that phase.
JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong

Privileges of JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong

The Lounge and JW Café

  • 15% off buffet and à la carte food (6 - 10 persons)
  • 10% off buffet and à la carte food (2 - 5 persons)

Man Ho Chinese Restaurant

  • 15% off food (6 - 10 persons)
  • 10% off food (2 - 5 persons)

Dolce 88

  • 10% off upon purchase of whole cake
Conrad Hong Kong

Privileges of Conrad Hong Kong

Nicholini’s, Brasserie on the Eighth, Golden Leaf,
Lobby Lounge, Garden Café and Pacific Bar

  • 15% off food and beverages

Cake Shop

  • 15% off cakes and pastries
Welcome offer

Upon successful application for Prestige World Mastercard from 1 July to 31 December 2020 via designated application channels, you can enjoy up to $600 Cash Dollars welcome offer and perpetual annual fee waiver.

Prestigious Health Care Privileges

Health is the cornerstone of your prestigious life. That’s why we have teamed up with Quality HealthCare to offer exclusive privileges on health care service to help you safeguard your health.

Quality Healthcare
Enjoy up to 40% off on designated Health Check Plans and Wellness Services from Quality Healthcare
Plans / Services (CS code)* Discount offers
Privilege Health Check Plan - Women (CS code: HJ78) 40% off
Privilege Health Check Plan - Men (CS code: HJ79) 40% off
Health Assessment Test - Thyroid Function Test
(CS code: HJ74)
15% off
Health Assessment Test - Bone Health Screening
(CS code: HJ75)
15% off
Health Assessment Test - Male Hormone Test
(CS code: HJ76)
15% off
Health Assessment Test - Cardiac Disease Screening
(CS code: HJ77)
15% off
Chinese Medicine Consultation Package - includes 3 days Basic Granules pack for each visit (CS code: HJ84) 30% off
Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Treatment - 1st trial
(CS code: HJ85)
20% off
Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Treatment - 1 session
(CS code: HJ86)
12% off
Dental Implants and Care Free Program (CS code: N/A) 5% off
Physiotherapy Treatment - 1 session (CS code: HJ80) 30% off
Shockwave Treatment - 1 session (CS code: HJ81) 10% off
Psychological Consultation - 50 minutes (CS code: HJ82) 30% off
Dietetic Service - 1 session (CS code: HJ83) 5% off
*Please quote the reference code (CS Code) of your selected product(s) upon booking and registration.
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