eCancerPro is a term life insurance plan with no savings element underwritten by Hang Seng Insurance Company Limited.

eCancerPro Insurance Plan offers you sum insured of up to HKD5 million and a daily premium of as low as around HKD0.2(3). Application is easy – simply submit your application online, without the hassle of providing documentation and medical examination.

Plan Features

Coverage for life and cancer protection, including various common types of cancer(1)
Male: Prostate Cancer / Testicular Cancer
Female: Cervical Cancer / Ovarian Cancer
Carcinoma-in-situ / Early Stage Cancer advanced benefit(1) with a maximum of two claims, each claim amount equivalent to 20% of the sum insured
Premium as low as around HKD0.2 per day(3) and fixed for 10-year terms
8 choices of Sum Insured(2) from HKD100,000 to HKD5,000,000, to suit different protection needs
A child under age of 18 (including a newborn) shares all the benefits with no additional underwriting and premium required

For details of the plan features and the relevant product risks, please refer to the product brochure.
For terms and conditions of the plan, please refer to the policy.

Promotion Offer

  1. From now until 30 September 2022, customer who successfully applies for
    eCancerPro Insurance Plan using the [designated promotion code 3SAVC5] can enjoy a 5-month premium waiver!
  2. Pay the premiums with a Hang Seng Credit Card to earn Cash Dollars Rebate or yuu Points(4)

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After successful application, your life, medical and general insurance policies can be easily viewed and managed at anytime, anywhere with the Hang Seng Personal e-Banking or Hang Seng Personal Mobile App.
In addition, you can download the Hang Seng Olive WellnessApp to gain access to an array of wellness information and services. Enjoy up to 10,000 Olive Points when you upgrade to an Olive VIP member(6)!
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Successfully apply to enjoy 5 month premium waiver(5)
Successfully apply to enjoy 5 month premium waiver(5)
Successfully apply to enjoy 5 month premium waiver(5)
Get a free quote and apply online now