The Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme Series includes Bupa MyBasic VHIS Plan and Global Prestige VHIS Plan ("Relevant Plans") which are both Voluntary Health Insurance Schemes certified by the Health Bureau of Hong Kong. The Relevant Plans are underwritten by Bupa (Asia) Limited ("Bupa") and distributed by Hang Seng Bank Limited ("Hang Seng Bank") as an exclusive banking partner in Hong Kong.

Want to have peace of mind with ready access to quality medical services at home and abroad, without worrying about unexpected medical expenses? The Bupa MyBasic VHIS Plan and Global Prestige VHIS Plan provide worldwide medical coverage to take care of you and your family’s healthcare needs in a holistic manner, even when you are traveling or staying abroad. You can also apply for tax deductions to offset your medical and tax expenses.

Enrolment Offer and Key Features
Bupa MyBasic
VHIS Certification Number:
(Standard Plan)
Global Prestige
VHIS Certification Number:
(Flexi Plan)
Enrolment Offer1
From now till 30 November 2023, new customers can enjoy the following offer upon successful enrolment with the annual premium payment mode:

10% First-year premium discount

(This offer is only applicable to enrolment by phone)

First-year premium
discount HKD1,000

(This offer is only applicable to enrolment via branches)

Worldwide Medical Coverage2
  • Coverage up to
    HKD420,000 per year
  • No lifetime benefit limit
  • Coverage up to HKD40,000,000 per year
  • No lifetime benefit limit
  • Full cover3 for hospital stay in a Standard Private Room, surgical and cancer treatment expenses
Tax Deduction

Can claim a tax deduction on qualifying premiums up to a limit of HKD8,0004 per insured person each year.

Want to know the details of the tax deduction? Click here

Basic Protection
  • Unknown pre-existing conditions5
  • Congenital conditions with symptoms appearing or diagnosed from age 85
  • Psychiatric treatment during hospitalisation2
  • Prescribed diagnostic imaging tests (such as MRI and CT scans6)
  • Prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments (such as radiotherapy, targeted therapy and chemotherapy)
Additional Protection
Not applicable
  • Private nursing
  • Rehabilitation after discharge from hospital
  • Complications of pregnancy
  • Day patient kidney dialysis
  • Prosthetic device
  • Home facility enhancement due to stroke
  • Non-confinement sleep apnea test
Guaranteed Renewal
up to the age of 100
lifetime renewal7
Flat Premiums for Customers from Age 60
Not applicable
For insured persons above the age of 60, the premium won’t increase as they age8
HealthPro Concierge Service
Not applicable
Service includes
  • Second Medical Opinion
  • 24/7 Healthline
  • A personal Care Manager will follow up with you throughout your hospital stay
Cashless service
Not applicable
Enjoy the convenience of cashless service with no claim hassle9 by using your Bupa medical card10
Free Medical Check-up
Not applicable
A free comprehensive health assessment every year11
Family Enrolment Discount
Not applicable
Up to 15% premium discount12
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Case Illustration

Give your family health protection and enjoy a tax deduction

Miss Lam enrolled herself and her parents in the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme and is the policy holder of all three certified VHIS Standard Plans. Therefore, she is eligible to apply for a tax deduction on the relevant premiums (annual deduction ceiling for each insured person is HKD8,0005

Amount eligible
for tax deduction
(28 years old)
HKD2,700 HKD2,700
(55 years old)
HKD8,200 HKD8,0005
(51 years old)
HKD7,100 HKD7,100
HKD17,800 x Tax rate
= amount of tax saved

Let's assume Miss Lam is subject to a tax rate of 15%,
the total amount of tax saved will be HKD2,670 (HKD17,800 x 15%).

The premiums above are only for illustration and reference, and may differ from the actual premiums.

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