In the digital age, API (the acronym for Application Programming Interface) has become the key to service enhancement by integrating with the cash management solution to create breakthroughs in existing business models. Click on the cases below to find new inspiration for your business!

Redefining the securities brokerage industry

“With the support of the API technology, our customers can trade instantly, and funds transferred will hit their accounts with no more time lag.”

Arthur Chen, Chief Financial Officer

Futu Holdings Limited


A new era for the logistic industry

“Our new payment system has sped up processing from days to minutes!”

Philip Ho, Chief Executive Officer

OnePort Limited


Which sectors can benefit from the Cash Management Solution using API?

Generally speaking, the Cash Management Solution using API is particularly suitable for businesses which involve bulk payments, receipts and real-time transfers in their daily operations such as companies in securities, property management, education, insurance, and logistics industries.

The key lies in designing the tailor-made cash management solution to suit the specific needs and business model of your business. The two companies here were both pioneers adopting the solutions in their industries.  

Do business need to invest a lot to develop API?

Hang Seng’s professional team will work with business closely. The IT teams of both side will work together to design a high efficiency cash management solution.  

Will the API Cash Management Solution benefit my business beyond operations?

By making breakthroughs in operation modes, the API Cash Management Solution can help enhance your customers’ experience and satisfaction, potentially generating business growth and new customers for your company.

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