Hang Seng Business Loan and 90% Guarantee Product, helps you stay ahead of challenges with the speed your business needs, bringing immediate financing solutions for you to master growth opportunities and achieve your business goals!

Apply Business Loan or 90% Guarantee Product through the Hang Seng Business Online Application Platform, the approval-in-principle result will be available in 3 minutes.

Product Comparison

Business Loan

90% Guarantee Product

To get a speedy loan drawdown to facilitate business operation and expansion

To get a government guaranteed loan with better interest rate

Loan amount up to HKD2,000,000

A larger loan amount up to HKD8,000,000

Instalment loan repayment period of up to 60 months
No collateral or financial reports requiredFootnote remark [1]

Apply fully online and get the approval-in-principle result in 3 minutesFootnote remark [2]
Upload documents and complete digital ID verification to e-Sign the loan documentsFootnote remark [3]

Faster Directly approved by Hang Seng

After approval by Hang Seng, subject to
HKMCI's approval

Enquiry: 2198 8022

Application Offer

Customers who successfully apply for the Business Loan Instalment Loan from 1 May - 31 December 2022 through Hang Seng Business Online Application Platform can enjoy below offers(i):

Instalment Loan handling fee full waiver.
If successfully apply for Business Loan Overdraft Facility concurrently, customers can enjoy Overdraft Facility first-year monthly fee waiver.


Business Loan Application Steps

Create profile
submit the loan
application form

Approval-in-principle result in 3 minutes and upload documents

Perform Digital ID Verification and
e-Sign the loan documents


Features of Application for Business Loan

  • Loan amount up to HKD2,000,000

  • No collateral or financial reports required
  • Choice of 2 financing options: Instalment Loan or Overdraft Facility
    1. Instalment Loan allows you to better plan your finances
    1. Repayment period of up to 60 months
    2. Choice of Principal Repayment DeferralFootnote remark [1] in the first 3 months
    3. Top-up Loan allows you to re-borrow the repaid principal amountFootnote remark [2], providing greater financial flexibility
    1. Overdraft FacilityFootnote remark [3] helps you meet unexpected financial needs
    1. No interest charged on unused limit
    2. Credit limit restored automatically with each repayment



Hang Seng Business Loan is suitable for all kinds of business expansion!Hang Seng Business Loan is suitable for all kinds of business expansion!