Hang Seng truly understands SME clients’ financing need for cash flows management and business expansion. The Hang Seng Business Loan (“Business Loan”) is designed to empower your business with speed and agility in this rapid changing market, by bringing immediate financing solutions to you. To facilitate you can catch every opportunity to win on the fast track.

Apply Business Loan through the Hang Seng Business Online Application Platform or via LinkScreen service through our hotline, your application can be done with ease, faster and more conveniently.

Successfully apply for the Business Loan from 1 July – 31 December 2020 through Hang Seng Business Online Application Platform or LinkScreen service via our hotline to enjoy the following privileges(i):
  • 50% off handling fee
    for Instalment Loan

  • 50% off monthly fee
    for Overdraft Facility


  • Allow you to sign up and create profile online to fill in the online application form of Business Loan at any time via Hang Seng Business Online Application Platform

  • Enjoy real-time navigation for Business Loan application by our dedicated customer service officers through our hotline and a shared screen on your tablet or desktop computer with LinkScreen service

  • Upload the required documents to further speed up and streamline the application process

  • Loan amount of up to HKD2,000,000

  • No collateral or financial reports required (1)
  • Choice of 2 financing options: Instalment Loan(2) or Overdraft Facility
    1. Instalment Loan allows you to better plan your finances
    1. Repayment period of up to 60 months
    2. Choice of Principal Repayment Deferral(3) in the first 3 months
    3. Top-up Loan allows you to re-borrow the repaid principal amount(4), providing greater financial flexibility
    1. Overdraft Facility(5) helps you meet unexpected financial needs
    1. No interest charged on unused limit
    2. Credit limit restored automatically with each repayment