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From the date of registration till 31 August 2020, earn extra up to 10% Cash Dollars rebate for
shopping, dining, online spending and mobile payment(1,2) with your card,
a total of extra up to $1,500 Cash Dollars can be earned!

Accumulate every 3 eligible transactions(4)
while each in below categories:

Online / local dining outlets spending Extra 7% Rebate
Other retail spending Extra 2% Rebate

Accumulate eligible transactions(4)
in whole period:

HKD10,000 $360
HKD35,000 $650

Please click here for more details and register now!

2998 6000

(Press “1” > “1” after language selection to register)


Ask DORI "Summer Reward" to register

Promotion period from 12 June to 31 August 2020. Terms and conditions apply, please visit hangseng.com/spending for details.
Each eligible transaction made by physical card or mobile payment and under "online/ local dining outlets" categories can earn extra 7% Cash Dollars rebate from "Offer 1 - Frequent Spender Rewards", and each eligible transaction under "other retail spending" categories can earn the extra 2% Cash Dollars rebate.
A maximum of $70 and $20 Cash Dollars can be earned for each eligible transaction under the "Online/ local dining outlets spending" and "Other retail spending" categories respectively. For the whole Promotion Period, the extra rewards for each credit card account are limited to a maximum of extra $850 Cash Dollars.
Eligible transactions include local, overseas and online transactions with a single net spending of HKD600 or above and do not include the online tax payment.
The extra reward is limited to a maximum of $650 Cash Dollars.

24-hour Hang Seng Prestige World Mastercard Customer Service Hotline (852) 2998 8111