Hang Seng Credit Card
Hang Seng Credit Card Customer Privilege
Available with iPhone for Life –
the affordable way to have the latest iPhone

How to buy iPhone in a smart way? As Hang Seng Credit Card1 customers, you are privileged to join the brand new iPhone for Life to buy the latest iPhone (“iPhone”) to enjoy lower monthly payment, interest-free and $0 handling fee Instalment plan2.

At the 24th month of the instalment plan, you have the flexibility to upgrade to a new iPhone at the respective mobile service provider and use the “Guaranteed Buy-Back Value”3 to offset remaining unpaid instalments payment, or keep the iPhone by continue paying the remaining monthly instalments.

Designated mobile service providers of iPhone for Life

iPhone for Life to purchase a new iPhone – Your smartest choice
Lower payment
Monthly contributions are lower than normal instalments
  • FREE interest and $0 handling fee
  • Applicable to purchase of standalone iPhone or together with subscription of designated service plan3
  • Up to 36 months instalment
Flexible option
Decision on upgrade or keep your iPhone in the 24th month
  1. Upgrade to the latest iPhone3 and offset the remaining instalment payment by "Guaranteed Buy-Back Value"3
  2. Keep your iPhone and continue to pay the balance by instalments

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Visit designated mobile service providers retail outlets to purchase the latest iPhone with Hang Seng Credit Card to enjoy iPhone for Life.


  1. Applicable to Hang Seng Credit Card, Affinity Card, Commercial Card, Corporate Card or Spending Card, excluding Hang Seng USD Visa Gold Card, Renminbi Credit Card, UnionPay Renminbi Diamond Commercial Card and Private Label Card.
  2. iPhone for Life instalment plan ranges from 30 to 36 months, subject to respective mobile service providers. For details, please visit the website of designated mobile service providers or contact their frontline.
  3. Applicable to purchase of standalone iPhone and/or with subscription plan, “Guaranteed Buy-Back Value” and/or phone upgrade is/are provided by designated mobile service providers and subject to their relevant Terms and Conditions. For details, please visit the website of designated mobile service providers or contact their frontline.