Hang Seng helps you to embrace the opportunity of the Government’s Consumption Voucher Scheme! With just a few steps, you can use QR Code or Payment Link to collect payment online / offline easily!
Your customers can scan QR Code or click Payment Link to pay instantly
Merchants do not need to purchase additional or use any payment collection device to complete transactions
A variety of payment options are available to support varies e-wallets including FPS, Wechat Pay, ALIPAY HK and Tap & Go
Online shops can provide direct payment links to their customers for seamless online payment collection to minimize the drop off rate
Exclusive offer for Hang Seng Commercial Customers provided by
From 1 January to 31 March 2023 (both dates inclusive), customers who have successfully applied for SME Easy Collection Solution provided by QFPay, entered into a 12-month contract with QFPay and bound their Hang Seng Business Account as the collection account during the contract period can enjoy the following privileges offered by QFPay:
Offline QR Code Collection Online Payment Link Collection*
Introduction QR code generation and printing service Generate payment URL for online collection
Applicable to FPS, Wechat Pay, AlipayHK and Tap & Go#
First - Time Setup Fee QFPay service first-time setup fee HK$600 (HK$2,000) Waived
Transaction Fee Transaction fee of collection 0.9% Transaction fee of collection as low as 1%
Annual Fee Permanent annual fee waiver First 2 year annual fee HK$2,000 (HK$16,000)
Other Services Free installation, technical support and training services
If customer is an existing Shopify customer, could apply for QFPay Online Payment Link Collection and link up your Shopify Platform. Customer can enjoy discount on First-Time Setup Fee and Transaction Fee while annual fee is fully waived.
Payments from Tap & Go wallets are supported by FPS.
Limited Time Offers provided by Hang Seng:
HK$600 Cash Rebate for the first 300 customers who use Offline QR Code Collection to complete payment collection!
HK$1,000 Cash Rebate for the first 300 customers who use Online Payment Link Collection to complete payment collection!
Offline QR Code Collection Customers can get a limited edition souvenir while stocks last!
Enjoy up to HK$300 standard handling fee rebate for the first 30 Hong Kong Dollar outward FPS transactions
Terms and conditions apply to the above offers.

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