Protect your Personal Digital Keys, Beware of Fraudulent Links

We will never ask you to logon to your Business e‑Banking account, or provide sensitive personal and company information such as your logon credentials or one-time passwords through embedded links in SMS or emails. To safeguard your interests, do not provide any personal and company information, or download any suspicious applications via any links, or activate / switch your Mobile Security Key to a new device under any third party's instructions.
Protect your Personal Digital Keys, Beware of Fraudulent Links
News Confirmed by the Government
Scam 1: "I need to pay bail money…" Fake
Scammers may impersonate your family members or colleagues by lying that they have changed their phone number, and trick you into lending money to help them get out of trouble. Once the money is in their hands, you will not be able to contact them.
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Scam 2: "I need cash for an emergency..." Fake
Scammers may pose as your friends or relatives and ask you for money for an emergency situation.
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Scam 3: " Your company is being investigated over a suspected money laundering case...." Fake
Scammers may pretend to be officers from the Police's Commercial Crime Bureau (CCB) or the ICAC, and ask you to transfer a large sum to a specific bank account for an asset check for investigation of a suspected money laundering case. On the phone, the scammers will make you fall for the story by citing your personal information, such as your identity card number and mobile phone number.
To avoid the above scams, we suggest:
Do a fact check before clicking the link
Do a fact check and identity verification
When someone calls you to give them your personal information and assets, on whatever grounds, you should do a fact check and contact the relevant entity to verify his/her identity.
Watch out for any + sign before the caller's number
Watch out for any “+" sign before the caller's number
Mobile telecom operators will add a “+" sign to the caller ID for calls pretending to be local ones to help you identify them and avoid phone scams.
Report any suspicious activity
Report any suspicious activity
If you find any calls suspicious, call the Anti-Scam Helpline 18222 to reach the Anti-Deception Coordination Centre of the Hong Kong Police Force.
Please log onto your Business e-Banking account and change the password regularly to avoid falling victim to fraud!
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