Hang Seng Digital Business Banking helps enhance your operating efficiency and empower your business for the better!
Save time and money in daily operations, cutting up to 55% in transaction fees
Secure and reliable. Over 85% of our customers have registered for Hang Seng Business e-Banking, and over 90% of their transactions are completed through our digital channels
Online and offline physical support: Our specialists are ready to help via our 24-hour service hotline, Live Chat and regular webinars, on any problem you may encounter when using Business e-Banking
Limited-Time Offers
Diverse Digital Solutions to
Help Your Business Level Up

All-rounded Physical Support

Encounter any problem while using our Digital Business Banking services?
We provide you with all-rounded physical support!

24-hour Business Direct Hotline
Our dedicated Customer Service Representatives provide instant reply and follow-up

Live Chat
Connect with our Customer Service Officers via online messaging

Regular Webinars
Specialists help you solve problems with Digital Business Banking in daily operations to save you time and money

Want to learn more how Business e-Banking can help you nhance your operating efficiency to empower your business nhance your operating efficiency to empower your business