Hang Seng Credit Card Cash Dollars keeps surprising you with fabulous dining rewards everyday everywhere! Simply connect the selected Hang Seng Credit Card with Cash Dollars earning function1 to your OpenRice member account, you may redeem Cash Dollars as instant cash and earn extra up to $50 Cash Dollars rewards upon eligible spending on OpenRice!

Connect your Hang Seng Credit Card now! (Applicable to OpenRice mobile app only)

How to connect?

Extra Reward up to $50 Cash Dollars
Book with Prepaid Menu
Book with Prepaid Menu
OpenRice Pay
OpenRice Pay

Enjoy extra rewards on OpenRice Platform during the promotion period:

Redeem every $1 Cash Dollars
to offset HKD2 spending Instantly2,3
Redeem maximum
$30 Cash Dollars as HKD60 in Cash

per transaction
Upon single net spending of HKD80 or above
on every Sunday to Tuesday
Every order earn extra
$10 Cash Dollars3
Earn extra $10 Cash Dollars
when single net spending reaches HKD80 or above on any day
Attend table booking and spend to earn extra $10 Cash Dollars3 and up to 9% Cash Dollars rebate4
 table booking
Simply attend the table booking made on OpenRice Platform, and make a dining transaction in a single net spending amount of HKD400 or above with the first Connected Hang Seng Credit Card5 in the restaurant or via OpenRice Pay on the dining date to earn extra $10 Cash Dollars!
What’s more, customers who successfully register "Spending Wow Reward" and accumulate monthly eligible spending with designated amount, every single eligible dining transaction can earn extra up to 4% Cash Dollars rebate. Designated mobile payment transactions using MPOWER Card can earn exclusive rewards of up to 5% Cash Dollars concurrently4! Register and View details

Promotion Period: From now until 30 November 2022

Illustrative example:

A customer connects the eligible Hang Seng Credit Card to his/her OpenRice member account successfully, and make table reservation on OpenRice Platform. He/she then attends the booking and settle his/her dining transaction (HKD460) via OpenRice Pay with the first Connected Hang Seng Credit Card5 on the dining date (Sunday), he/she can earn:

Extra Cash Dollars reward Earn total extra
$50 Cash Dollars
Offer 1: Enjoy "Multiple-up Cash Dollars Offer" upon spending of HKD80 or above, redeem maximum $30 Cash Dollars as HKD60 in cash $30
Offer 2: Enjoy "OpenRice Platform Extra Rewards Offer" when the payment balance after Cash Dollars redemption (HKD460-60) reaches HKD80 or above $10
Offer 3: Enjoy "OpenRice Table Booking Service Extra Rewards Offer" when the payment balance after Cash Dollars redemption (HKD460-60) reaches HKD400 or above $10

Detailed Screen Flow


  1. Offers are applicable to Hang Seng Visa Credit Card, Mastercard® Credit Card or Spending Card, excluding Hang Seng enJoy Visa Platinum Card, enJoy Spending Card, UnionPay Credit Card, USD Visa Gold Card, Renminbi Credit Card, UnionPay RMB Diamond Commercial Card, e-shopping Mastercard and Private Label Cards.
  2. The maximum amount of Cash Dollars to be deducted for each eligible transaction is $30 Cash Dollars or the Cash Dollars balance of the relevant card account (whichever is lower), which will be deducted instantly from customers’ card accounts. If customers redeem Cash Dollars to offset spending on other dates, Cash Dollars will be fully redeemed on a conversion rate of “$1 Cash Dollar as HKD1 in cash value” in the system automatically.
  3. Each Connected Credit Card can make related transactions for Offer 1 and Offer 2 maximum 5 times in total per day. Offer 1 and 2 are available in a monthly quota cap of 20,000, while Offer 3 is available in a monthly quota cap of 6,500, on a first-come-first-served basis while quota lasts. Eligible Dining Transactions made in the restaurants for Offer 3 cannot be used in conjunction with Offer 1 and Offer 2, excluding those made via OpenRice Pay on OpenRice Platform.
  4. For offer details, terms and conditions, please visit hangseng.com/spending.
  5. The first Connected Credit Card is defined as the Connected Credit Card displayed in “Reward History” page in customer’s OpenRice membership profile at the time of the Eligible Dining Transaction made on the dining date. If customer settles the payment with unconnected, removed or other Connected Credit Card listed in “View More” in “Reward History” page, he/she will not entitle to the extra Cash Dollars rewards in Offer 3.
What’s more?
"Spending Wow Reward" - Earn up to 9% Cash Dollars Rebate / 8X yuu Reward Points* on Eat, Shop & Play

Enroll "Spending Wow Reward" now to earn extra up to 4% Cash Dollars rebate / 4X yuu Reward Points* upon accumulating designated monthly eligible retail spending amount!

What’s more? Don’t miss out the exclusive rewards including MPOWER Card up to 5% Cash Dollars rebate^ and enJoy Card up to 4X yuu Reward Points at designated merchants!

"Spending Wow Reward" promotion period starts from 1 May till 30 Nov 2022 (from the registration month)

Hang Seng enJoy Visa Platinum Card and Hang Seng enJoy Spending Card are rewarded with yuu Reward Points. Please refer to hangseng.com/enjoycard for Reward Points Programme details.
MPOWER Card customers have to register separately to earn up to 5% Cash Dollars rebate on eligible Online, Selected Mobile Payment and Overseas Spending concurrently, please refer to hangseng.com/mpowermobile for details.
For registration, offer details and terms and conditions:

Hang Seng UnionPay Credit Card
Hang Seng UnionPay Credit Card
Welcome Gift Up to $700 Cash Dollars. Terms and conditions apply.
Cash out from credit card and enjoy up to HKD800 handling fee rebate.
Terms and conditions apply.