Mock Trading
Important Notes:
  1. We provide the “Mock Trading” solely for personal use and the purpose of demonstrating the functionality and user interface of the e-Banking platform on FX2. You should not take the “Mock Trading” or any information on the “Mock Trading” as an offer, solicitation, recommendation or advice to buy or sell investments or to enter into transactions with us or any other person.
  2. All transactions on the “Mock Trading” are simulated and have no actual cash or other value. The transactions do not give rise to any obligations or rights on you or on us in relation to any trade.
  3. You can simulate in any pair, in any combinations, of the following 5 choices: EUR, GBP, HKD, USD and XAU.
  4. For demonstration purpose, the dates of transactions were defaulted as Jan 16, 2017 and Mar 1, 2017 respectively.
  5. The operation and functionality of Hang Seng Personal e-Banking and products may differ from those of the "Mock Trading".
  6. The information in this “Mock Trading”, including but not limited to FX quote, spread, day high and day low, etc, is for reference only.
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