What role do investors play in sustainability?
The threat of climate change is looming large as one of the biggest global challenges. To tackle the issue head on, carbon neutrality and emissions reduction have been included in the long-term development goals of governments and corporates around the world in a bid to achieve a rapid transition into a low-carbon future.
As investors, we may consider investing in companies with low carbon exposure to make a positive impact on climate change. By incorporating ESG (Environment, Social and corporate Governance) in our investments, we can play a significant role in pursuing the goal of net zero carbon emissions.
Investment opportunities from low carbon transition
China is the second largest economy1 as well as the second largest equity market2 in the world. Currently, more and more mainland enterprises have committed to the net zero pledge as a way to meet the national goals of peaking carbon emissions by 2030 and realizing net zero by 2060. Their process of transition is expected to unleash enormous potential opportunities for investing in the low carbon theme.

Meanwhile, as a result of global policy support driving towards the movement, there is a growing universe of low carbon related corporates, along with the emergence of the relevant market sectors and indexes. Fund related to the low carbon theme have also made their debuts in markets around the world.
To ride on this policy trend, investors may subscribe for related funds to invest for sustainability, while capturing the potential return from the relevant trends.
Invest in a specific sector with
index funds
Apart from the advantage of risk diversification, fund investing also empowers investors with access to global investment opportunities. At Hang Seng, we have a broad spectrum of fund choices for selection,
  • Covering the above-mentioned funds related to the sustainability theme
  • The widest range of index fund choices3
  • Plus other fund categories
By simply investing in funds tracking the benchmark index for your target market, you can stay close to the performance reflected by such index, and also diversify the concentration risks from investing in single securities.
Diversify the risk of investing in single entities
Avoid the risks associated with active stock picking