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Cheque Outsourcing Service

Your Priority:

Managing a large number of cheque payments on a regular basis.

Cheque Outsourcing Service:

Complete cheque payment management service to take care of everything from issuance to the printing and dispatching of cheques for your business.

How it works:

  1. Log on to Hang Seng HSBCnet, upload and authorise your payment instructions
  2. Your cheques will be automatically printed and dispatched to the designated payees within two business days.
  3. Check the processing status of your cheques at a glance with online reports.

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Call 2198 8000
Call 2198 8000 
Contact your Relationship Manager
Contact your Relationship Manager

How can we make a difference for you with Cheque Outsourcing Service?

Streamline your workflow

Simply upload and authorise your payment instructions online to eliminate the hassle of issuing cheques manually. Also, payment advices will be sent to the payees together with their cheques, which will save administrative and accounting costs for you and your business counterparts.

Improve efficiency and accounting accuracy

Ease your administrative and operating efficiency by leaving the job of dispatching cheques, invoicing enquiries and reconciling accounts to us

Shorter payment cycles

Straight-through processing helps to shorten your payment cycle.

Convenient and secure

To safeguard your information, you require a PIN-protected security device to access the payment system or to execute payment instructions on Hang Seng HSBCnet


With just basic web surfing knowledge, you can get started easily on our user-friendly browser-based platform

Reinforce professional image

Your company logo can be printed on the cheques to reinforce your professional image


The cheques mentioned-above include HKD cashier orders and company cheques.

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