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LinkScreen Service

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Key Features


Screen sharing

LinkScreen is a visualized call centre solution that allows our contact centre officers to do everything a face to face agent can do, includes showing terms and conditions, generating acknowledgement, explaining details to the customer, sending and receiving documents, plus accepting electronic signatures in a more engaging manner.   









Apply with dedicated assistance

LinkScreen allows you to apply selected Hang Seng Business products in a secured, shared-screen way. While speaking to our contact center officers, you will be able to read the information, electronically sign and submit an application with dedicated guidance at the same time. LinkScreen enables you to connect with our customer representative virtually instead of visiting branches, it is easily accessible via laptops, tablets or mobile devices. It offers you inimitable flexibility to choose the most convenient moment to apply.  









Paperless and security

Over the years, HangSeng has been dedicated to fostering green banking with our customers’ great support. Reams of paper get lost and misfiled easily, LinkScreen enables customer to download documents and confirm the application details online. Saving your time and space for filing piles of application details as well as to help reducing paper consumption and to protect the environment.