e-Confirmation for Hang Seng Business Online Application Platform


Step-by-Step Instruction Guide


Step 1

Visit the Hang Seng Business landing page and hover over () Banking Digitally.


Step 2

Under Banking Digitally, move to () Online Services and click () Hang Seng Business Online Application Platform.


Step 3

On the Business Account landing page, hover over () Log In and click () e-Confirmation to log into the e-Confirmation portal.


Step 4

After login, please open and review the Application Form.  The applicant must follow the procedures in the e-Confirmation portal and e-Confirm the Application Form. The application is also subject to Hang Seng Business Online Application Platform Services Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions for Digital ID Verification and e-Confirmation Terms and Conditions.  Please review all these Terms and Conditions before the applicant submits an application.  Submission of an application shall be treated as the applicant's agreement to all these Terms and Conditions.