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No, this service is only applicable to Hang Seng’s corporate customers.

This service offers guarantee of same day credit of remittance proceeds for outward telegraphic transfers to designated beneficiary banks in specific Mainland locations (all branches of Hang Seng Bank (China), branches of Bank of Communications in 97 locations and branches of Industrial Bank in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Beijing).

For using this service, you can submit your outward telegraphic transfers instruction through Hang Seng HSBCnet or Hang Seng Business e-Banking.

For details, please refer to "Express China Remittance Service".

Mainland China designated beneficiary bank Hang Seng Bank (China) Industrial Bank Bank of Communication
Remittance currencies CNY and other major currencies HKD HKD


Customers can still submit outward telegraphic transfers after the cut-off times.However, the remitted funds cannot be guaranteed to be credited to the mainland China beneficiary’s account on the same day that the outward telegraphic transfer is made.

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There is no additional charge for the Express China Remittance Service. For the standard service charges, please refer to “Part B: Remittances and Foreign Exchange Services > Inward Remittances” of the Bank's prevailing tariff for details.


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Hang Seng HSBCnet
Hang Seng Business e-Banking

The Express China Remittance Service is only applicable to outward telegraphic transfers submitted via Hang Seng HSBCnet and Hang Seng Business e-Banking. Submissions via branch counters will be processed under the standard telegraphic transfers handling procedures.

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For any enquiries, please feel free to contact our Business Partner Direct 2198 8000.

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