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IPO Financing

Investment involves risks. Prices of shares may go up or down. Investors should read the relevant prospectus for detailed information about the proposed offer and seriously consider if investment in the relevant shares is suitable for his/her investment needs by reference to his/her financial situation, investment experience, investment objectives and other conditions and needs before deciding whether to invest in the relevant shares. If required, investors should obtain independent legal, financial and other professional investment or other advice before making any investment decision.
We offer IPO financing for the following IPO to help you subscribe for more shares.
Stock Name:
Loan Offering Period:
Payment Due Date:
Loan Ratio: The maximum loan ratio for this IPO is around of the total subscription amount.
Loan Type
No. of Shares
Total Subscription Amount
Loan Amount
Deposit Amount
Bank Service Charge*
Amount Provided by You
* For "All-in-Fee" loan type, bank service charge includes interest of IPO loan and IPO handling fee. For non"All-in-Fee" loan type, bank service charge includes IPO handling fee but interest of IPO loan is not included. The above bank service charge does not include 1% brokerage fee and any third party transaction charges such as Transaction Levy, Stamp Duty and Trading Fee, etc.
For online IPO financing services, the loan amount can be 90% of your subscription amount or below (varies depend on each IPO stock) rounded down to the nearest ten thousand dollars. You are required to pay the remaining subscription amount (i.e. "deposit amount") and relevant bank service charges.
Subject to the Bank's approval, the IPO financing is accepted on a first come first served basis. Successful submission of your IPO loan application should in no way be interpreted as a sign your application has been approved by the Bank. The Bank will notify you by means of an email sent to "Inbox Message" in Hang Seng Personal e-Banking as to whether or not your IPO loan application has been accepted. You have responsibility for checking for the email. If you do not receive our reply email by the Bank's specified closing date, please call our Customer Service Hotline 2822 0228 (after choosing your language, please press 6 and then 2) or approach our branches during the Bank's office hours for enquiry.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!