Guidelines For Avoiding Mis-transfer Of Funds for Hang Seng Customers


Hang Seng Bank would like to remind customers before confirming a transfer or deposit of funds to a third party in Hong Kong, customers are advised to verify the account number/mobile number/email address/FPS identifier and partially-masked name (if available) of the payee carefully to avoid mis-transfer of fund. After giving the instruction, customers are advised to check with the transferee to confirm the receipt of fund.  If customers found the fund was mis-transferred to third-party account, please report to our bank at the earliest convenience. We will assist you to contact the payee to return the funds on condition that all required information is received by us.


It is our responsibility to remind customers if customers have received funds which a transferor sent by mistake, customers should contact our Bank to arrange the return of fund to transferor at the earliest convenience. The fund will be returned via our bank. Customers could be criminally liable if they refuse to return the fund to the transferor.


For any enquiries, please contact the Hang Seng Bank’s customer service hotline on 2822-0228.