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Domestic Helper Insurance
Plan Coverage
The Domestic Helper Insurance Plan is underwritten by QBE General Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited
Two plans to give you and your full-time foreign helper a total peace of mind
Up to HKD100,000,000 employer's liability coverage
Domestic helper hospitalisation and surgical expenses protection
Repatriation expenses coverage of up to HKD10,000 per year
Replacement of domestic helper and temporary domestic helper allowance
Personal accident, clinical and dental expenses, infidelity, unauthorised long distance call charges and public liability coverage.
Insured Items and Coverage
Maximum Claim
Basic Plus Plan Comprehensive Plan
Employer's Liability Indemnities against liabilities under the Employees' Compensation Ordinance for the domestic helper's death or incapacity resulting from accident arising out of and in the course of employment 100,000,000 100,000,000
Hospitalisation and Surgical Expenses (a) Covers domestic helper against the hospitalisation and surgical expenses due to sickness or accidental injury
(b) Hospitalisation expenses of up to HKD300 per day
(c) Surgical expenses of up to HKD12,000 each time
(d) Excess: HKD300
(e) Waiting period: 14 days after the policy effective day (for sickness cases)
per year
per year
Repatriation Expenses Compensates for the costs of returning the remains of or repatriating the domestic helper back to the country of origin due to death, injury or medical inability to continue employment 10,000
per year
per year
Personal Accident Covers domestic helper against accidental death or permanent total disablement in the course of employment 100,000
Clinical Expenses (a) Reimburses the expenses of medical treatment from a licensed medical doctor for sickness or accidental injury
(b) Covers up to HKD150 per visit
(c) Limited to 1 visit per day
per year
Emergency Dental Expenses (a) Emergency dental expenses incurred from oral surgery, treatment of abscesses, X-rays, extractions or fillings (except scaling)
(b) Covers two-third of the dental expenses per visit
per year
Temporary Domestic Helper Allowance (a) Expenses for hiring a temporary domestic helper if your current domestic helper is subject to prolonged hospital treatment (not less than 2 weeks), dead or unable to work due to serious injury resulting in repatriation
(b) Maximum daily allowance up to HKD200
(c) Maximum period of coverage: 30 days
Replacement of Domestic Helper Administration expenses for employing new domestic helper because current domestic helper has to be repatriated due to death or certified by registered doctor as being unfit to work 5,000
per year
Infidelity Covers the financial losses arising from any proven dishonest act committed by the domestic helper 10,000
Unauthorised Long Distance Call Charges Outstanding charges for proven unauthorised long distance calls made by the domestic helper 3,000
per year
Public Liability (a) Covers the domestic helper's legal liability in Hong Kong in the event of domestic helper's negligence causing third-party bodily injury or property damage
(b) Excess for third-party’s property: HKD500
* For enrolment the Plan online, your policy will be automatically renewed on a yearly basis, giving you total peace of mind.
    • (1) This page is only intended as a general summary. Please refer to the policy for detailed terms and conditions and exclusions.
    • (2) Insurance products offered by QBE General Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited are only available for subscription for residents of the HKSAR.
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Important Notes

The above general insurance plan ("Plan") is underwritten by QBE General Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited which is authorised and regulated in Hong Kong by the Insurance Authority. Hang Seng Bank Limited ("Hang Seng Bank") is an insurance agent authorised by QBE General Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited for the distribution of this Plan. Premiums will be payable to QBE General Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited upon enrolment of this Plan. QBE General Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited would provide Hang Seng Bank commission and performance bonus as remuneration for distribution of this Plan. The existing staff remuneration policy on sales offered by Hang Seng Bank takes into account various aspects of the staff performance instead of focusing solely on the sales amount.

In respect of an eligible dispute arising between the Hang Seng Bank Limited and the customer out of the selling process or processing of the related transaction, Hang Seng Bank Limited is required to enter into a Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme process with the customer; however any dispute over the contractual terms of the product should be resolved directly between QBE General Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited and the customer.