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All parents want to give the best to their children. To pave the way to excellence for them right from the beginning, a multi-faceted high quality education is fundamental. In particular, under the trend of globalisation, an international vision is one of the keys to success for the next generation. No matter at home or abroad, huge costs are inherent in top-notch education and youth training. Hence, as a parent, you should plan ahead for your children’s education fund complete with comprehensive protection, while taking good care of your own financial needs. So, what should parents do to lay down an all-round solution towards a bright future for their children and themselves as well?

Protection Solution for All-Round Upbringing
Education is a life changing experience. Naturally, parents will attach a high value to their children’s education. When it comes to funding, a safe and sound plan is essential for ensuring the young ones can fly high under top-caliber education, safe from the impact of any economic or abrupt changes. That’s why education fund insurance plans combine the savings and protection elements to help the life insured to gradually build up a sizable education reserve in a prudent manner while enjoying additional potential returns at the same time. When making your choice, the following key points should be considered:
  • Many education fund insurance plans provide life and/or medical protection as well for parents to enjoy comprehensive protection while preparing for their children’s education.
  • Some education fund insurance plans offer guaranteed education cash and annual dividends to provide a stable stream of income for parents to take care of their children’s needs when growing up.
  • Look around for plans with additional supplemental benefits, such as payor’s benefit, which can ensure the continuity of your children’s education path despite any abrupt changes in the circumstances of the policyholder or payor.
  • When planning your children’s education, you should also make an assessment to identify any shortfall in your family’s medical and health protection. You would probably like to rest assured that you and your family can receive timely treatment for any health problem without having your family’s financial reserve eaten up by the medical bills.
  • You can enjoy more convenience and advantages by buying insurance through your bank with other banking services. Besides offering a wide range of life insurance products, Hang Seng jointly provides medical protection schemes with the health insurance specialist in Hong Kong. For more details of medical protection schemes , please click here.