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While enjoying a carefree life with your family, has it ever crossed your mind that a sudden change of fate can turn everything upside down, leaving your family in helpless despair? To safeguard a worry-free family life, you need a forward-looking plan to carry your family’s well-being onwards to the foreseeable future, like a decade or so, or even longer if you have young children. In full perspective, it is imperative to have all-round medical protection in place to mitigate rising medical costs. In view of the increasingly scarce medical resources and their rising costs, as well as the growing prevalence of critical illnesses, have you got yourself and your family really well-covered?

Medical and Critical Illness Protection Solution for You
Currently, the incidence rate of cancer among the Hong Kong population is every one in five females and every one in four males1. Such hazard should not be taken lightly. Fortunately, thanks to technological advances in the medical arena, many severe diseases are now treatable at an early stage, and the chances of recovery can be improved if proper treatments are received as soon as possible. Yet, one should be aware that medical expenses can be prohibitive and they are still surging. As such, it is necessary to have a sound and proper financial plan in place to secure the right protection for your family and yourself. In addition to fulfilling your medical needs as the life insured, an all-round medical protection plan can also provide life protection to back up your family with solid support. When making your choice, the following key points should be considered:
  • Medical and critical illness protection plans have different features. You should understand and compare the plans in respect of the scope of coverage, exclusions and other terms, before choosing the protection plan that best suits you and your family’s needs. Some plans offer limitless medical benefits and the flexibility to adjust the scope of coverage, satisfying the needs of all walks of life.
  • Most critical illness medical protection plans cover over a hundred severe diseases. On top of those commonly covered severe diseases, some plans may also cover early stage critical illnesses and severe child illnesses to provide comprehensive family protection. Instant claim processing may also be available to allow proper treatment to be received right away. Such plans are likely to be more preferable.
  • Some high quality medical protection plans come with a 24-hour advisory hotline service, which will make it easy to get healthcare support during sickness or recovery, taking care of the needs of the life insured in a more holistic manner.
  • Some plans also feature a savings element with a cash value and non-guaranteed policy dividends, bringing more financial flexibility to the life insured.
  • Some plans have an easy enrolment procedure, making it quick and easy to apply without any requirement for medical examination. All it takes is answering a few health-related questions.
  • You can enjoy more convenience and advantages by buying insurance through your bank with other banking services. Besides offering a wide range of life insurance products, Hang Seng jointly provides medical protection schemes with the health insurance specialist in Hong Kong. For more details of medical protection schemes , please click here.

1 Source: Overview of 2015 Hong Kong Cancer Statistics, Hong Kong Cancer Registry, Hospital Authority, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region