Terms and Conditions for Investment-Linked Insurance - Hang Seng Bank
Important : Read before you invest
Relevant plans: FlexiSure Investment Life Plan and Invest-Select Life Insurance Plan
The above mentioned plans are investment-linked insurance contracts issued by Hang Seng Insurance Company Limited ("HSIC"), and your investments are therefore subject to the credit risk of HSIC.
You are not investing in the underlying funds and you do not have any right or ownership in the underlying funds.
Your return is determined with reference to the fluctuation of the performance of the underlying funds. Each of these underlying funds has its own investment objectives and associated risks.
Due to the fee and charge structure of the plans, unit prices and returns of the Investment-Linked Funds under the plans will be different from those of their underlying funds. Returns of the Investment-Linked Funds may be lower than those of the underlying funds.
Termination, surrender or withdrawal may result in substantial loss of your investment and premium paid.
Please note the following relating to insurance coverage and the insurance charge of FlexiSure Investment Plan and Invest-Select Life Insurance Plan:
  Insurance charge for your life insurance coverage may increase significantly during the policy term due to a combination of factors, e.g. age, gender, investment return/loss of your Investment-Linked Funds, etc.
  The higher the insurance charge, the less your premium is available for investment purpose.
  The insurance charge may increase significantly to a level exceeding your regular premium payment, particularly where your Investment-Linked Funds have been incurring significant losses. In such case, your policy value will be deducted to cover the insurance charge and other charges of the plans. This may result in significant or even total loss of your investment and premium paid.
  If the policy value is not enough to cover the policy charges (including insurance charge and other charges), your policy will be terminated early and you will not be able to enjoy any targeted death or other benefits from the plan.
Investment involves risks, and past performances may not be indicative of future performance.
The plans are subject to investment risks that there may be loss of your investment and premium paid.
The investment decision is yours but we strongly recommend that you do not invest in the plan(s) unless the intermediary who sells it to you has explained to you that the plan(s) is/are suitable for you having regard to your financial situation, investment experience and investment objectives.
You should not invest based on the information of this web site alone and should read the Principle Brochure of the plans for further details.