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Claims and Useful Information

Quick and easy claims services
(Not applicable to Global Infinite Health Insurance Scheme members)

No claims hassle when you use your medical card1
Submit clinical and hospital claims2 online through myBupa , Bupa’s customer service portal
Bupa’s Care Manager will help with your hospitalisation and claims3
Your claims will be settled in 5-7 working days upon receiving your completed claim form and all required documents


If you use your Bupa medical card to receive medical treatment,
you do not need to file a claim.
During admission
Upon discharge
  • Show your medical card
  • Sign the claim form prepared by the hospital

If you cannot use your Bupa medical card,
you can pay your medical expenses and submit a claim.
Collect required
Submit your
claim to Bupa
Get reimbursed
  • Original receipts
  • Statement of account
  • Doctor slips
  • Medical reports
  • Referral letters (if any)
  • Within 90 days after
  • In 5-7 working days

The above claims procedure is for general reference only. Additional information or documents may be required to process your claim. Please refer to your Membership Guide for details.
1 Not applicable to Bupa MyBasic VHIS Plan
2 Online claims submission is subject to the specified limit shown in myBupa eClaims Service section. Online submission of hospital claims is only applicable to Global Supreme Health Insurance Scheme and Global Prestige VHIS Plan.
3 Not applicable to Essential Health Insurance Scheme, Bupa MyBasic VHIS Plan and package group schemes.
Online customer service portal /mobile app
To make it easy for you to manage Hang Seng Bupa individual or group health insurance scheme, Bupa has provided a range of online services through a member website and free mobile app called myBupa. You can check membership details, submit claims online, track claim status and search for Bupa's network doctors (if applicable) at anytime, anywhere. Please click the below link to access:

myPage (For Global Infinite Health Insurance Scheme members only)
Global Infinite Health Insurance Scheme members can access the scheme information through myPage provided by Bupa Global. Please click the below link to access:

myPage (Available in English only)

Useful Forms
Individual health insurance scheme members
(Not applicable to Global Infinite Health Insurance Scheme members)
Group health insurance scheme members
For employees
For employers
The health insurance schemes are underwritten by Bupa (Asia) Limited ("Bupa") which is authorised and regulated by the Insurance Authority in Hong Kong. Hang Seng Bank Limited (“Hang Seng Bank”) is an insurance agent authorised by Bupa for the exclusive distribution of the Hang Seng Bupa PreciousHealth Series health insurance schemes, Global Prestige VHIS Plan and package group schemes. The Bupa MyBasic VHIS Plan is distributed by Hang Seng Bank as an exclusive banking partner in Hong Kong.