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Important Notes

Updates on the change of the Administrator of the Hang Seng Master Trusts

With effect from 1 November 2018, HSBC Life (International) Limited ceases to be the Administrator of the Hang Seng Mandatory Provident Fund – SuperTrust Plus and ValueChoice (each, the ‘Hang Seng Master Trust’, and collectively, the ‘Hang Seng Master Trusts’) and The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, becomes the Administrator of the Hang Seng Master Trusts. Notwithstanding the change described above, there are no changes or suspension to the services (e.g. Hang Seng MPF Employer Direct, Hang Seng MPF Service Hotline, Hang Seng Business e-Banking, Hang Seng Personal e-Banking and Interactive Voice Response System, etc.) or offerings that were provided to our MPF customers immediately before the change of the Administrator. The change of the Administrator does not affect our members’ accrued benefits or investment option(s) under the Hang Seng Master Trust(s). To reflect the change of the Administrator of the Hang Seng Master Trusts, the relevant ‘Principal Brochures’, MPF publications and administration forms will be/ have been updated and they will be/ are available on our Hang Seng MPF website at www.hangseng.com/empf for download. For more information, please contact Hang Seng MPF Service Hotline at (852) 2213 2213.

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