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Important Notes

Merger of Hang Seng MPF schemes effective 1 July 2019

With effect from 1 July 2019, the Hang Seng Mandatory Provident Fund - ValueChoice (the "ValueChoice") has been merged into the Hang Seng Mandatory Provident Fund - SuperTrust Plus (the "SuperTrust Plus"). Six new constituent funds have been added to the SuperTrust Plus by replicating the corresponding constituent funds in the ValueChoice, increasing the total number of fund choices under the SuperTrust Plus to 20. These six new constituent funds and five of the existing matching constituent funds under the SuperTrust Plus share the same name, investment objective and policy, fee level and fees and charges structure as the 11 constituent funds under the ValueChoice before the merger.

For details, please refer to the scheme participants’ notice and frequently asked questions which are available at Hang Seng MPF website www.hangseng.com/empf.

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