Fabulous Privileges


Prestige and Preferred Banking customers can open the M.I Kid Asset Builder to help their kids develop a savings habit from a young age and enjoy the following fabulous privileges. Moreover, set up a 12-month HKD Time Deposit to enjoy the interest rate of up to 1.9% p.a.


Quality HealthCare

Present M.I. Kid AssetBuilder card to enjoy the following offers:
Children Health Program Discount Offer
Chinese Medicine Consultation 50% off
Chinese Medicine Paediatric Tuina Massage
Spinal Screening 15% off
Short-Sightedness Control and Examination for Children
Nutrition Consultation for Children (Toddlers / Pre-School Children / School Children / Teenagers) 10% off
Food Allergy Test
Offers on various types of vaccines Discount Offer
DTap-IPV-HIB-HepB (6-in-1) Vaccine 15% off
DTap-IPV-HIB (5-in-1) Vaccine
Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine
Rotavirus Oral Vaccine (2 shots)
Rotavirus Oral Vaccine (3 shots)
13 - Valent Pneumococcal Vaccine

Join Now

Prestige Banking and Preferred Banking customers can open a M.I. Kid AssetBuilder (a single-named Integrated Account) to plan for the needs of their children / grandchildren under 18 years of age and enjoy all the privileges and services offered by M.I. Kid AssetBuilder for free.

*Prestige Banking or Preferred Banking customers can access e-Banking for opening a M.I.Kid AssetBuilder.

Service Directory

In this Service Directory, you will find important information regarding your all-in-one Account services, your consolidated statement, your M.I.Kid AssetBuilder Card, important telephone numbers & websites and much more.