Member-Get-Member Referral Program

e-Form for Referee

Congratulations! You were referred by your family / friends to be our customer! Enjoy our referral offer by completing the following registration form and open designated Hang Seng Integrated Account on or before 31 December 2019!
Please provide the following information to register as Referee1

I would like to be contacted by Hang Seng Bank for the follow-up on the matters related to this program.


  1. 1. The offers only applies to referees who are new customers of Hang Seng Bank Limited. For details, please refer to Terms and Conditions .
  2. 2. Every mobile number can only be used for registration of the offer for once. For multiple applications using same phone number, only the first application will be regarded as eligible for the offer. The offer only applies to referees using the registered mobile number for account opening with Hang Seng Bank.