Hang Seng Credit Card Cash Dollars Gift Parade

Advance Cash Dollars

With Advance Cash Dollars, you can redeem gifts even without sufficient Cash Dollars!

With Advance Cash Dollars^, customers can redeem their desired gifts from our Gift Parade even without sufficient Cash Dollars - the balance of required Cash Dollars will be automatically advanced to their credit card accounts. Customers can simply spend with their cards to accumulate the required Cash Dollars on or before the designated dates stated below. Each credit card account is allowed to advance up to $500 Cash Dollars.

Designated Date:
- 31 December this year (If the Advance Cash Dollars are incurred between 1 July last year and 30 June this year)
- 31 December next year (If the Advance Cash Dollars are incurred between 1 July this year and 30 June next year)

Redeem Now

^ Advance Cash Dollars is not applicable to Hang Seng Fortune MasterCard (restricted to gift redemption via online channel; redemption via fax channel will not be affected), Spending Card, Commercial Card, Business Card, UnionPay Renminbi Diamond Commercial Card, USD Visa Gold Card, e-shopping MasterCard and Private Label Cards. The amount of advanced Cash Dollars from your credit card account will be automatically offset by Cash Dollars earned subsequently from your card spending using the prevailing Cash Dollars earning ratio of the respective account.
Note: Cash Dollars balance does not count in redemption of reward transaction that is under processing. Please log in Hang Seng Personal e-Banking or refer to your latest card statement for the expiry date of your Cash Dollars.

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