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Product risk level
  • Start your fund investment with HKD 1 only
  • Monthly fee as low as HKD 0
  • Diversified funds [2] for your selection
  • Enjoy a wealth of useful knowledge on our simple platform

Monthly Investment Plan for Funds

Product risk level
  • Invest in your chosen investment fund with as low as HKD500 per month
  • No minimum holding period or termination charge
  • Dollar cost averaging to help smooth out the effects of short-term market fluctuations
  • Settle payment using a Hang Seng Bank / HSBC HKD account or Hang Seng Credit Cards [1]

Investment Fund

Product risk level
  • Online subscription as low as HKD5,000
  • Capture global investment opportunities
  • Diversified risk by including various underlying assets in one fund
  • Check out our Fund information on Fund SuperMart

Securities Services

  • A wide range of trading channels including online, mobile app and phone trading
  • Various order types such as stop loss and all-in-one order
  • Higher flexibility with day trading and trade before settlement
  • Click here to open securities account

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Knowledge and insights

Start learning core investment knowledge with ease [3]

Seize the fleeting opportunity to thrive in a turbulent stock market [3]

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  1. Hang Seng Bank / HSBC HKD account: If a customer wishes to choose an HSBC HKD account as the payment account, the customer has to set up a Monthly Investment Plan for Funds in person via a Hang Seng Bank Branch.
    Hang Seng Credit Cards: Except Hang Seng Corporate Cards, Hang Seng Commercial Cards, JAL Hang Seng Cards, Hang Seng Renminbi Credit Cards, USD Visa Gold Cards, Hang Seng Spending Cards, e-shopping MasterCard and Private Label Cards, all Hang Seng Credit Cards are eligible for payment of the monthly investment amount. This payment method is only available to customers who invest in subscription fee class (class A units) under a Monthly Investment Plan for Funds.
  2. Not all of the investment funds that are distributed by Hang Seng Bank Limited (the “Bank”) are available here. Only specific funds are available for subscription with this account. If you are looking for other investment funds or investment products, please visit our branches or our websites for more information. In respect of the investment funds available for subscription with this account at the moment, they are provided by the Bank’s wholly owned subsidiary, Hang Seng Investment Management Limited.
  3. Investment involves risk.