Faster Payment System(FPS)

Learn how Faster Payment System works and how to get started at Business e-Banking.

Receiving Money
Set Up FPS Addressing and Assign Default Account

1. At Hang Seng Business e-Banking, enter your mobile number, email address or FPS ID as the Addressing Identifier.

2. Set your Hang Seng Business Account as the default account.

3. Complete the verification with one-time password sent to your registered mobile number/ email.

No need to set default account and the one-time password will not be applicable if you choose FPS IDas the Addressing Identifier.

Tell Payer Your Addressing Identifier

From now on, your payer can pay you via FPS with your Addressing Identifier.

Money in Your Account Instantly

Once the payer make the payment, the money will hit your bank account on a real time basis.

Sending Money
Get Payee’s Addressing Identifier

Greater privacy for your payees, as only the Addressing Identifier is needed instead of the bank account number.

Transfer Money to Payee

Transfer funds sleekly via online or mobile banking.

Money in Payee Account Instantly

The money can hit payee’s account almost instantly on a 7x24 basis.

Get Started Now

Faster Payment System is now available at Hang Seng Business e-Banking.


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