Our participation in a diverse range of social development programmes forms part of our commitment to making our community a better place to live. Helping to create a healthy, well-educated and inclusive society will support our sustainable growth by providing new customers, colleagues and business opportunities in the years ahead.

We believe in facilitating wider access to educational and social enrichment opportunities, and in promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. As part of our efforts to encourage an inclusive and tolerant community, we seek to inspire and empower underprivileged groups and break down barriers to social integration.

Our deep local roots are reflected in the long-term partnerships we have established with non-governmental organisations and institutions that are working to improve well-being and achieve lasting positive change.

One major way in which we provide support to our community is through sponsorships and donations. We have given out over HK$224m in the past decade – including HK$21.5m in 2012 – to a broad range of community development initiatives.

For 25 years, we have worked hand-in-hand with The Community Chest of Hong Kong, which provides funding for 153 local charities, raising more than HK$60m. We have participated in The Chest’s Dress Casual Day since 1997, matching staff fundraising on a dollar-for-dollar basis – resulting in over HK$13m in support.

Our e-Donation service makes it easier for customers to offer assistance to those in need, with about HK$2m in donations benefiting over 60 charitable organisations in Hong Kong in 2012. Since 2001, more than HK$23m has been donated via this convenient and secure channel.

In line with our emphasis on serving from the heart, our staff regularly give their time to support worthy causes and build the human connections that underpin a thriving and inclusive community.

Bank volunteers and their families contributed more than 25,000 hours in service during 2012. We facilitated this giving back to society by organising about 130 volunteer activities, with a particular focus on underprivileged children, elderly people in need and environmental education.

Hang Seng Volunteer Team Stanley Cheung, Treasury and Private Banking Operations Department

“Teaching children about nature as a Wetland Park guide has helped to strengthen my communication and management skills. My enhanced skills are proving highly beneficial in my working life.”
  Polly Law, Customer Contact Centre

“Volunteering is not just about giving – it is also about learning and experiencing.”

In partnership with the Regeneration Society, we promote the importance of positive life values through the Hang Seng Bank – Regeneration Society Top Ten Regeneration Warriors Programme, under which 10 'regeneration warriors' shared their experiences in overcoming chronic illness to live rich and rewarding lives.

Hang Seng Bank – Regeneration Society Top Ten Regeneration Warriors Programme
Dr Ko Wing-man, Secretary for Food and Health and Honorary President of the Regeneration Society

“I fully support the concept of the Programme since we are all inspired by the story of each warrior. Their persistence and positive values have helped me understand the true meaning of life.”

Youth Development

In investing today for a brighter tomorrow, our corporate responsibility activities place a strong emphasis on education and youth development. We reached out to young people through 150 Bank-supported education programmes and workshops in 2012.

Since 1995, we have allocated more than HK$56m to our various scholarship schemes, assisting over 1,700 students from Hong Kong and mainland China. In 2008, we implemented our Community Scholarships programme to reward outstanding undergraduate students in Hong Kong who have contributed to community development with a minimum of 100 hours of volunteer service in the previous 12 months.

We also support community service programmes organised by local universities, including The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s CUHK-Hang Seng I.CARE Local Service Project Scheme, which in 2012 brought together about 200 students and over 1,300 underprivileged children in a series of mutually enriching interactions, and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Hang Seng Best Sustainable Service Project Awards for students.

Through the Hang Seng Bank – Help the Police Fight Youth Crime Competition, we work with the Hong Kong Police to promote good life values and positive civic action. Over 260,000 young people took part in the 2012 competition – an all-time high for this biennial event that we have sponsored since 1994 – which focused on combatting drug-taking, theft and bullying under the theme of ‘Power of Friends’.

The Hang Seng Bank – Leaders to Leaders Lecture Series, organised by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and The University of Hong Kong, gave over 300 secondary school students a valuable opportunity to engage in direct dialogue with prominent community leaders on a broad range of issues related to globalisation.

Our sponsorship of the Ming Pao Student Reporter Programme – which includes a series of media workshops, newsroom visits and reporting activities – has helped almost 7,000 students in the past 16 years learn more about the work of the media while honing their critical analysis and writing skills.

The Tung Wah – Hang Seng Code Kidz Programme Supports Children with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLDs) promoted greater public awareness of the issues for families dealing with the challenges of SLDs, while giving about 600 youngsters the opportunity to explore their potential through alternative ways of learning.

Ming Pao Student Reporter Programme
Lo Yam-kwan, F.6 student from Pooi To Middle School

“The Programme included a five-day internship as a reporter, through which I came to understand the challenges that journalists encounter – I now have even more respect for their professionalism. The Programme also enhanced my critical-thinking skills by encouraging me to analyse the news from multiple perspectives.”
Hang Seng Bank – Leaders to Leaders Lecture Series
Poon Chun-kau, Principal of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Lee Shau Kee College Groups Lee Shau Kee College

“Thank you for arranging transportation for students living in remote areas, enabling them to participate in this valuable learning opportunity.”

Arts and culture for all

We believe in broadening young people’s exposure to the arts, which play an important role in encouraging creativity, communicating positive life values and stimulating discussion of social issues.

For young people facing special challenges, building greater confidence is an important step in unleashing their talents and abilities.

In partnership with the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, we organised over 50 Hang Seng Arts Empowerment Workshops throughout the year, providing 500 underprivileged and disabled children with the chance to express their emotions and develop a stronger sense of self-belief through a range of artistic activities.

Through the Field of Dreams – Hang Seng Bank Student Matinees, organised by The Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, nearly 4,000 students from low-income families learned about the inspiring story of eight amateur Hong Kong footballers who joined with players from the Mainland to enter the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Facilitated by post-performance talks and supporting materials, the theatrical production emphasised the importance of courage and determination in striving for one’s dreams.

We also continue to facilitate greater access to the arts through our sponsorship of the Hong Kong Arts Festival Student Ticket Scheme.


Sporting Inspiration

Participation in sports helps promote community health and provides valuable lessons about the importance of teamwork, dedication and fair play.

Since 1991, we have allocated more than HK$31m to promote table tennis in Hong Kong. Our establishment of the Hang Seng Table Tennis Academy in partnership with the Hong Kong Table Tennis Association in 2001 has since given over 215,000 participants the opportunity to have fun while improving their sporting skills through about 4,000 activities, including training courses, open assessment tests and competitions. We will provide HK$7.5m in sponsorship to continue our support for the Academy between 2013 and 2015.

Hong Kong’s top athletes contribute to community pride and are inspiring role models for our young sporting stars of tomorrow.

Under the Hang Seng Athlete Incentive Awards Scheme, organised in partnership with the Hong Kong Sports Institute, we gave HK$3.86m in financial rewards to Hong Kong athletes for their outstanding performances at the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games – the highest amount ever awarded to Hong Kong Olympians and Paralympians. Since 1996, the Scheme has given out over HK$30m to recognise and reward athletic achievement and encourage sporting excellence by Hong Kong athletes at major national and international games.

Hang Seng Athlete Incentive Awards Scheme
Lee Wai-sze, bronze medalist in the women’s keirin cycling event at the 2012 London Olympic Games

““The Scheme recognises the efforts of Hong Kong athletes and reflects community support for sports development.”
Yu Chui-yee, double gold medalist in wheelchair fencing events at the 2012 London Paralympic Games

“The Scheme’s cash incentives are recognition of my sporting achievements.
I would like to extend my gratitude to Hang Seng and the Hong Kong Sports Institute for their continuous support. Hang Seng’s long-term commitment to the Scheme sets an example of how the corporate sector can help athletes.”