As the leading domestic bank in Hong Kong and a good corporate citizen, our commitment to serve our community extends beyond the provision of quality banking and financial services. We seek to have a positive impact on our communities and participate in a wide range of programmes and activities to promote social development, personal empowerment and long-term economic growth.

In particular, our strong emphasis on youth development programmes is helping future leaders develop the skills and vision necessary to ensure our communities continue to flourish.

We believe in facilitating wider access to educational and social enrichment opportunities and in promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. We also seek to inspire and empower underprivileged groups and break down barriers to social integration.

We establish long-term partnerships with leading local non-governmental organisations and other institutions that are working to improve well-being and build a bright tomorrow.

Since 2004, we have provided about HK$240m in financial support - including HK$27m in 2013 - for community development initiatives. In line with our belief that building strong human connections underpins lasting positive change, our staff also give their time to serve worthy causes.

Bank volunteers and their families contributed nearly 27,000 hours during 2013. We facilitated this giving back to society by organising over 150 volunteer activities, with a particular focus on underprivileged children, elderly people living alone and environmental education.

Our partnership with The Community Chest of Hong Kong - which stretches back more than 25 years - has raised over HK$65m for 157 local charities. We have participated in The Chest's Dress Casual Day since 1997, matching staff donations on a dollar-for-dollar basis - resulting in more than HK$18m in support.

Our e-Donation service makes it easier for customers to offer assistance to those in need. In 2013, the service facilitated the giving of about HK$2.4m - collectively benefiting over 60 charitable organisations in Hong Kong. Since 2001, more than HK$25m has been donated via this convenient and secure online channel.

"Taking up a role to coordinate the work of Bank volunteers on various programmes has improved my leadership skills."

Raymond U Kwok Wah
Customer Unit
and Bank volunteer

"The Bank is involved in a wide variety of volunteer activities. Members from several generations of my family - from young to old - sometimes join me in the volunteer work. We have seen places and met people that we would otherwise never have been exposed to and have learnt through our experience."

Carrie Kwan Ka Lai
Retail Credit Risk Management
and Bank volunteer

We continue to work with the Regeneration Society to promote positive life values through the Hang Seng Bank - Regeneration Society Top Ten Regeneration Warriors Programme (Programme), under which 10 'Regeneration Warriors' share their experiences in overcoming chronic illness or severe physical disabilities to live rich and fulfilling lives.

Key Initiative

Hang Seng Bank - Regeneration Society Top Ten Regeneration Warriors Programme

Since 2008, the Hang Seng Bank - Regeneration Society Top Ten Regeneration Warriors Programme has promoted the power of positive thinking and self-belief in overcoming life's challenges. Including a large-scale ceremony held at the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre, the programme facilitated around 50 experience-sharing sessions in 2013, at which over 20,000 participants were inspired by the real-life experiences of individuals who have demonstrated courage and determination in dealing with serious illness or physical disability.

"The Regeneration Warriors programme is a very meaning cause. I hope society will continue to support the programme and be inspired by the Regeneration Warriors."

Dr Ko Wing Man
Secretary for Food and Health and
the Honorable President of Regeneration Society

"The Regeneration Warriors are powerful role models for learning how to successfully overcome the difficulties and frustrations we encounter in the course of our lives. The Regeneration Warriors have turn their experiences into a positive energy that they are using for the benefit of the wider society."

Chan Wai Lam
Organising team member of the Regeneration Warriors programme and medical student
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Youth Development

In investing today for a brighter tomorrow, our corporate responsibility activities place a strong emphasis on education and youth development. We reached out to young people through 180 Bank-supported education programmes and workshops in 2013.

Our participation in youth development initiatives such as the Hang Seng Bank Leaders to Leaders Lecture Series - organised by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and The University of Hong Kong - is an important part of our work to groom well-rounded leaders of tomorrow for a better future for all .

Key Initiative

Hang Seng Bank Leaders to Leaders Lecture Series

The 2013 Hang Seng Bank Leaders to Leaders Lecture Series gave youngsters a valuable opportunity to engage in direct dialogue with prominent community leaders on important social issues. To open up access to a wider audience, the Series was broadcast live via webcast for the first time, reaching over 30,000 participants. Our involvement with this youth development project led to a Gold Award for Corporate Social Responsibility at the 11th China Golden Awards for Excellence in Public Relations organised by the China International Public Relations Association.

"In this programme, the social leaders passionately share the experiences of their personal and professional journeys, especially how they have coped with the challenging situations that they have encountered. They have inspired me to confront adversity with optimism, and taught me that there are always more solutions than problems, and that we should use our creativity to figure out different ways to tackle life's difficulties."

Ngai Wing Lam
Student Union Vice-Chairman, St. Clare's Girls' School

"Last year was the second time I have participated in the Leaders to Leaders programme. I have benefited tremendously from both experiences. Had the programme not been free of charge and had there not been a free shuttle bus service for participants who live far away from the venue, a lot of students like myself would not have been able to participate in this meaningful event and seize a valuable opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage and atmosphere of The University of Hong Kong - one of our city's most distinguished universities."

Lau Kin Yu
HKU SPACE Community College

Since 1995, we have allocated more than HK$62m to our scholarship schemes, assisting over 2,000 students from Hong Kong and mainland China. Our Community Scholarships programme rewards outstanding undergraduate students in Hong Kong who have contributed to community development with a minimum of 100 hours of volunteer service in the previous 12 months. On the Mainland, we awarded 120 scholarships to students for undergraduate and postgraduate studies at 21 leading Mainland universities in 2013.

We joined hands with The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) to organise the Hang Seng - HKCSS Youth Career Exploration Programme. Designed to nurture a positive mindset towards career development among young people and encourage upward social mobility, participating students are exposed to the operations of companies working in three diverse sectors that collectively represent both newly developing and well-established industries in Hong Kong. This experience provides a unique insight into the characteristics and potential of various industries, equipping young people to make better decisions in choosing a career path that aligns with their personal strengths and interests.

The Hang Seng - Hong Kong Family Welfare Society Youth Mediation Scheme helps build stronger relationships by promoting a positive attitude among students in resolving conflicts with their peers or family members. Over 300 students from 15 primary schools were trained as Peer Mediators in 2013. Hang Seng staff volunteers were also trained as Hang Seng Mediation Ambassadors to assist at the student-family workshops.

"Bringing 'mediation education' to primary schools, families and the business sector in Hong Kong, the Programme has been well received and produced encouraging results. The Peer Mediators and other participants agree that the activities have helped them to acquire mediation knowledge and skills which in turn can help them to prevent and better handle conflicts at school, at home and in the workplace, and to be more positive and work create a more compassionate society."

Mrs Cecilia Kwan
Executive Director
Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

The Tung Wah - Hang Seng Code Kidz Programme Supports Children with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLDs) promotes greater public understanding of the social challenges for children living with SLDs, while also providing opportunities for young people to explore their potential through alternative ways of learning. Over 1,000 youngsters and their family members benefited from more than 500 activities in the 2012/13 programme year.

More than 420 students from 170 schools took part in the Ming Pao Student Reporter Programme in 2013. Our sponsorship of the Programme - which includes a series of media workshops, newsroom visits and reporting activities - has now helped over 7,000 students build greater social awareness and news sense while developing their critical analysis and language skills.

Arts and Culture for All

Building for a positive future requires creative and inquiring minds. By facilitating broader exposure to culture and the arts, we hope to spark the imagination and talent that will help our community blossom and grow.

A series of more than 80 Hang Seng Arts Empowerment Workshops, organised in partnership with the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, provided 1,600 students from low-income families with the opportunity to explore their abilities, build greater self-confidence and express their emotions through a range of artistic activities. The Programme included a post-Workshop exhibition to showcase a variety of student creations.

To encourage closer family ties and compassionate understanding across the generations, we are working with the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre to organise three exclusive screenings for students from underprivileged families and family members of patients suffering from dementia under the Hang Seng Bank Student and Community Matinees Programme.

Since 2007, our sponsorship of Student Ticket Schemes for Hong Kong Arts Festival events and performances by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra has benefitted over 82,000 students.

Sporting Inspiration

Our support for sports development aims to improve community health, harness the power of physical achievement to build confidence and esteem, and support greater social cohesion by encouraging cooperation and fair play.

Since 1991, we have provided over HK$38.5m to promote table tennis in Hong Kong. Established in partnership with the Hong Kong Table Tennis Association in 2001, the Hang Seng Table Tennis Academy nurtures rising young table tennis stars and provides the wider community with the chance to test their sporting skills. Over the past 13 years, the Academy has organised over 4,400 activities for more than 230,000 participants. Our continuing support for the Academy includes HK$7.5m in sponsorship for 2013-15.

Hong Kong's top athletes not only unite the community through a sense of collective pride, but also serve as positive role models for the rewards of commitment, determination and teamwork.

Under the Hang Seng Athlete Incentive Awards Scheme, a joint initiative with the Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI), we awarded over HK$2.5m in 2013 to Hong Kong athletes who gave their best to win medals at the National Games and East Asian Games. Since 1996, the Scheme has given out HK$33m to reward athletic achievement and encourage sporting excellence by local athletes at major national and international games.

"I would like to thank the HKSI and Hang Seng Bank for their generous support. The Scheme helps raise awareness of elite sports in Hong Kong and is a great example of how the corporate sector can help athletes."

Lee Wai Sze
Medal-winning cyclist

"On top of winning medals at the National Games and East Asian Games, the cash incentive has given me enormous encouragement. I will continue to strive for sporting excellence and hope to bring home more honours from future Games."

Nicholes Choi
Medal-winning fencer

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