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Promoting Greater Understanding
Through Cultural Programmes

Our efforts to promote the arts reflect our belief in the power of cultural experiences to spark the imagination, encourage creativity and break down social barriers.

Over 2,000 students from 70 secondary schools gained a greater appreciation for modern Hong Kong history in 2014 through their participation in the Hang Seng -
Jao Tsung-I Academy History and Cultural Scheme. The Scheme included a historical photo exhibition that was visited by more than 30,000 people.

To promote greater understanding and compassion across the generations, Hang Seng
Student and Community Matinees Programme, organised in cooperation with The Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, gave 800 students and members and volunteers of Hong Kong Family Welfare Society the chance to attend an exclusive performance of a play, 'The Last Supper', that explores the issues faced by individuals seeking to communicate their inner feelings to their families.

Our sponsorship of Hong Kong Arts Festival and Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra student ticket schemes benefited 26,500 students in 2014.

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