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Understanding Customers' Need

A deep understanding of the financial needs and objectives of our customers underpins our reputation for service excellence. We provide channels such as suggestion forms and hotlines for customer-initiated feedback. We proactively gather customer opinions - including through a comprehensive survey to assess business customer satisfaction - to enhance our ability to provide outstanding service. We identify our strengths, areas for improvement and industry best practice through local market benchmarking exercises. We also operate a mystery-shopping programme to monitor and ensure quality service by our frontline staff at branch outlets and MTR station offices. We use customer satisfaction surveys and focus groups to monitor our performance and ensure new products and services will meet the needs of their intended audience. We also continuously review the customer experience across service touchpoints to enhance our service delivery.

The annual Banking Study conducted by Added Value assesses customer satisfaction with respect to the eight major banks in Hong Kong. In the 2014 survey, we were the most recommended bank by customers. We also had the highest-rated banking services among the eight banks - a status we have maintained for 10 consecutive years.

We have participated in the Hong Kong Association of Banks' Annual Banking Services Survey since 2005. The survey gathers input from banks on general banking services and service channels in response to enquiries from and concerns expressed by the government, legislators and regulators.

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