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Service Environment

We aim to provide a comfortable, clean and safe environment in all our branches and service outlets. We design our premises with ease of navigation and health and safety as top priorities. We also have floor staff operating at our branches who are available to assist customers with enquiries.

Managing indoor air quality (IAQ) and ventilation systems is an important element of our health and safety responsibilities. To ensure that the IAQ at our branches and offices meets the 'Good Class' established in the Guidance Notes for the Management of IAQ in Offices and Public Places issued by Hong Kong Government's Environmental Protection Department, we regularly clean air filters and conduct IAQ measurements for monitoring and continuously improving the system performance.

The standard temperature set point in our offices and outlets is 24.5°C during the hot season, with the aim of striking a good balance between reducing our energy consumption while providing a pleasant environment for customers and staff.

To help ensure we maintain core banking services in a crisis or public emergency situations, we have a Major Incident Group to lead the implementation and monitoring of contingency plans specifically devised by various divisions of the Bank.

We implement a wide range of measures to minimise potential safety hazards for both staff and customers, including non-slip treatments on floor surfaces and use of clear and conspicuous signage for temporary safety hazards such as wet floors.

To help ensure our staff maintain good occupational health, we provide ergonomically designed furniture and related equipment.

All staff undertake relevant health and safety training and participate in emergency evacuation drills periodically organised by the Bank to ensure that they can identify, eliminate and/or mitigate any potential safety risk to customers, themselves. Fire Marshals have been appointed in all our premises. We also have arranged for a number of employees to acquire Qualified First Aider status and take First Aid refresher training courses for the benefit of their colleagues and customers in the event of a medical emergency or accident.

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