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An Environmental Advocate

As one of Hong Kong's largest listed companies, we are well positioned to champion the cause of improved environmental stewardship. Our well-respected brand, extensive network of outlets and large customer base provide many valuable opportunities to communicate environmental messages to the community.

Since 2007, we have helped build 3,800 biogas facilities in rural areas of Yunnan Province under the Hang Seng Yunnan Biogas Project, organised in partnership with The Conservancy Association. This project is providing a free and stable source of energy to 14,000 rural residents and has cut annual carbon dioxide emissions by about 44,000 tonnes.

“Having the chance to see how the 'Hang Seng Yunnan Biogas Project' has brought positive changes to rural communities in Yunnan was a personally enriching experience. I am happy to have had the opportunity to contribute to social development and to help build greater understanding between different communities in China.”

Christine Chung
Global Market Operations Department and Bank Volunteer

We also promote concern for the environment and conservation of natural resources through the activities of our Bank volunteer team and by supporting local non-governmental organisations and green groups - for example, Friends of the Earth (HK), WWF (HK) and Business Environment Council - as a corporate member. We also offer support to events and initiatives such as the 'Power Smart' Energy Saving Contest organised by Friends of the Earth (HK), which this year included an energy monitoring equipment lending programme for schools.

“We are very grateful to Hang Seng Bank for their support, which has enabled us to engage with the business sector and, subsequently, with schools, to expose students energy conservation issues in their own environment. We hope this first-hand experience will encourage them to share 'power smart' messages with their family and friends.”

Mr Edwin Lau MH
Head of Community Engagement & Partnership of Friends of the Earth (HK)

Fundraising events such as the Green Power Hike and the WWF(HK)’s Walk for Nature saw members of staff get active to support worthy environmental causes.

Since 1999, we have planted around 93,000 trees in Hong Kong and on the Mainland.

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