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Monitoring Our Supply Chain

We continue to monitor supplier practices following their appointment and reserve the right to randomly review a supplier's policies, procedures or any other document related to our Code of Conduct. In some cases, we may request an on-site audit.

Our procurement is done on a competitive basis and we have strict procedures governing staff conduct when handling procurement issues. In 2014, we held two workshops to ensure relevant staff understand our vendor risk management policies and procedures.

We use e-procurement systems to reduce paper consumption and lead times as well as enhance supplier control and information management. We encourage our suppliers and contractors to use or offer environmentally friendlier or recycled products whenever possible.

For third-party suppliers of financial products and services, we only work with highly reputable organisations that have a demonstrable track record of high corporate standards. We have rigorous assessment procedures in place to ensure any investment or insurance solution we intend to offer to customers not only meets regulatory requirements but also our internal standards.

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