Two priorities to start a business – after business registration, opening a business account will be the next!
For companies registered in Hong Kong, whether your connected parties* are Hong Kong or mainland China residents, located in Hong Kong or mainland China,
you can open your company account fully online via desktop and mobile^ in as fast as 3 days^^

Limited Time Offer
From now till 30 September 2023, new commercial customers who have successfully opened Hang Seng Business Integrated Account online can enjoy the following offers:
Discount of HK$600
on the account opening administrative fee
First 12-month fee waiver on Monthly Fee**

From now till 30 November 2023, successfully apply the Hang Seng Business Integrated Account online and complete a simple online survey, you will be eligible for lucky draw entries to win exciting rewards, including

Up to HK$10,000 Apple Store Gift Card
The lucky draw will be run in 3 phases with 50 rewards available in each phase.
Promotion Phases Successful Application Date of the said account Maximum Number of Lucky Draw Entries*
Phase 1 1 September – 30 September 2023 3

Phase 2 1 October – 31 October 2023 2

Phase 3 1 November – 30 November 2023 1

Lucky draw rewards in each promotion phase:
HK$10,000 Apple Store Gift Card x 1
HK$800 Apple Store Gift Card x 49

The earlier the designated activities are completed, the greater the chance of winning rewards in the lucky draw!

**Eligible customers can only receive a maximum of 1 reward during the entire Promotion Period.
Eligible Customers who do not win a reward during a particular Promotion Phase will automatically enter into the next phase of Lucky Draw.
Example: If the eligible Customer cannot win a reward in Promotion Phase 1, he / she will advance to the phase 2 automatically.

Currency risk
Foreign Exchange involves Exchange Rate Risk. Fluctuations in the exchange rate of a foreign currency may result in gains or losses in the event that the customer converts HK$ to foreign currency or vice versa.

RMB currency risk
Renminbi ("RMB") is subject to exchange rate risk. Fluctuation in the exchange rate of RMB may result in losses in the event that the customer subsequently converts RMB into another currency (including Hong Kong Dollars). Exchange controls imposed by the relevant authorities may also adversely affect the applicable exchange rate. RMB is currently not freely convertible and conversion of RMB may be subject to certain policy, regulatory requirements and/or restrictions (which are subject to changes from time to time without notice). The actual conversion arrangement will depend on the policy, regulatory requirements and/or restrictions prevailing at the relevant time.

Open your company account fully online via desktop or mobile is equally convenient in 3 steps!
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1. Submit an application by providing your company's details
2. Complete digital ID verification
3. Complete e‑Sign
Apply for the essential services in one go to level up your business!
Apply for Company Account + Company Card

New customer to set up business account and Commercial World Mastercard online in one go!
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Apply for Business Account + Business Loan

Apply for Business Loan online to know the result in 3 minutes. Start two applications simultaneously!
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Welcome offers worth more than HK$88,888 for essential banking services and Business e‑Banking!
Apply online via desktop or mobile to enjoy a discount of HK$600 on the account opening administrative fee and first 12-month fee waiver on Monthly Fee**!
Discount 7 non-active icon Discount 7 active icon
Enjoy free payroll services

Integrated autopay solution provides you a hassle free service to generate tax returns for your staff
Discount 6 non-active icon Discount 6 active icon
Enjoy the first 2 months’ handling fee waiver for Inward Remittance and online Outward Remittance transactions (max. 90 transactions a month worth HK$34,200)
Discount 6 non-active icon Discount 6 active icon
Enjoy the first 2 months’ transaction fee waiver for FPS Outward Payment (max. 90 transactions a month worth up to HK$1,800)
Discount 3 non-active icon Discount 3 active icon
Hang Seng Commercial World Mastercard and Virtual Card
Successfully apply Commercial World Mastercard to enjoy $600 +FUN Dollars Rebate and 2 years annual fee waiver (HK$1,960) on your cards

50% off set up fee for Virtual Card Service (HK$2,500)

2.8% unlimited rebate# for foreign currency online spending at the designated overseas registered merchants
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Discount 4 non-active icon Discount 4 active icon
UnionPay RMB Diamond Commercial Card
Successfully apply to enjoy the first 2 years’ Annual Fee Waiver (CNY1,960) and HK$400 Mannings Cash Vouchers
Discount 2 non-active icon Discount 2 active icon
SME Easy Collection Solution
Discount on first-time set up fee, annual fee and etc. worth up to HK$19,000
Virtual Account Receivable Solution
Discount on first-time set up fee, annual fee and etc. worth up to HK$22,800
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Discount 11 non-active icon Discount 11 active icon
Foreign Exchange
Up to 140 basis points exchange rate premium for converting major foreign currencies into Hong Kong Dollars
Discount 9 non-active icon Discount 9 active icon
Enjoy HK$0 brokerage fee (up to HK$6,000) on buy and sell trades of Hong Kong Stocks, SSE and SZSE Securities

50% off on subscription fee (up to HK$3,000) for investment funds distributed by Hang Seng Bank
Discount 8 non-active icon Discount 8 active icon
People Protection: BUPA Individual Medical Insurance premium discount offer

Provide protection for company’s shareholders, directors, employees and their family members at prevailing preferential offer
Discount 10 non-active icon Discount 10 active icon
30% off the first year’s handling commission for Bank Guarantee (up to HK$800) [Applicable to Integrated Business Solutions Account only]
Terms and conditions of the above offers

Application Requirements: (i) All connected parties of the Applicant such as directors, shareholders and authorized signers shall be as HKID cardholder(s), with single layer ownership. Place of incorporation, registered address, business address and correspondence address should all be in Hong Kong; (ii)The Applicant’s annual sales turnover meets with Hang Seng’s designated level; (iii)The Applicant is required to apply for Hang Seng Business e‑Banking separately. The Maximum Daily Limit(s) under Hang Seng Business e‑Banking either Fund Transfer to Designated Beneficiary Accounts or Fund Transfer to Non-Designated Beneficiary Accounts should not be over HK$200,000 each; and (iv) The Applicant has not entered into and will not enter into the Trade Finance General Agreement with Hang Seng.

#2.8% rebate includes 2% cash rebate promotion, 0.4% rebate for all foreign currency online spending and 0.4% +FUN Dollars rebate for every spending.
Two types of Integrated Business Account to suit different business needs!
Compare accounts
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Biz Virtual+ Account
Suitable for start-ups or businesses that are started to grow
Integrated Business Solutions Account
Suitable for SMEs and well-established corporates who require a full range of banking services to meet sophisticated business needs
Looking for better Business e‑Banking for your business? Hang Seng is here to support!
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*The applicant’s connected party(ies) include Directors, Authorised Signers, Principal Shareholders, Beneficial Owners , Key Controllers and Direct Appointees.

^To apply online ("remote account opening service"), the applicant’s connected party(ies) must hold a Hong Kong or mainland China’s Resident Identity Card. Also, the applicant’s connected party(ies) has/ have to be physically located in Hong Kong or mainland China when submitting the application, completing digital ID verification and e‑Sign successfully. The eligibility of applicants for remote account opening is subject to the final and absolute discretion of Hang Seng Bank Limited.

^^For application with all connected party(ies) who are HKID holders and located in Hong Kong, the Business Integrated Account can be opened in as fast as 3 business days for the Biz Virtual+ Account/5 business days for the Integrated Business Solutions Account upon completing Digital ID Verification and e‑Sign by the aforementioned connected party(ies). Customer(s) will receive a SMS notification for e‑Sign after the(1) satisfactory review of the documents submitted, (2) successful completion of digital ID verification and (3) completion of Know Your Customer (“KYC”) call(s). For customers requiring a face‑to‑face appointment at Business Banking Center(s) (if applicable), an appointment will be arranged based on the latest availability.