CompanionLife Insurance Plan ("CompanionLife") is a life insurance plan and is not a bank deposit. It is underwritten by Hang Seng Insurance Company Limited ("Hang Seng Insurance").

CompanionLife Insurance Plan is a 3-in-1 solution that meets your different needs. It provides you with potential saving appreciation, whole life protection and supplementary benefits with no additional premiums required. You can now enjoy premium discount upon successful application for CompanionLife Insurance Plan. Please contact our branch staff for details or call 2198 7838 for enquiries.
Plan Features

Life protection for peace of mind

Offer death benefit until the Life Insured’s Insurance Age(1) of 99

Potential saving appreciation

  • In the event of policy termination, a lump-sum non-guaranteed Special Dividend (if any), may become payable to you or the Beneficiary(ies), providing extra potential returns
  • While the policy is in-force and upon attaining the 20th policy year, the policyholder has the right to exercise the Policy Value Management Option to lock-in a portion of the Plan’s Net Cash Value(2)

Supplementary benefits with no additional premiums required

Include the Unemployment Benefit(3), the Accelerated Death Benefit(4) and the Cancer and Disability Benefit(5). Your children will also be covered by the Cancer Benefit

Easy application for a secure future(6)

Medical examinations or health declarations are not required for application, making it easier for you to apply for the protection you need
For the details of the plan features and the relevant product risks, please refer to the product brochure.
Please refer to the policy for the terms and conditions, which shall be considered as final.