88th anniversary
The new Pull Money service on the Hang Seng Mobile App
Deposit funds from local banks with ease and get a chance to win The Peninsula Hong Kong HKD5,000 e-Cash Voucher
We launched the new Pull Money service to bring you a simple and seamless deposit experience. With the Hang Seng Mobile App, you can link your account to other local banks(1) and transfer funds to your Hang Seng Bank account right away. Just one app, and you can consolidate the funds with ease.


Receive funds immediately with no cut off time(2)


Transfer funds easily to your Hang Seng bank account by linking your Hang Seng Mobile app to other local bank accounts(1)


No need to switch between the mobile apps of different banks to move your funds to your Hang Seng bank account
Use Pull Money to transfer funds to your
Hang Seng Bank account and join our Lucky Draw
From 13 Sep to 31 Dec 2021, deposit HKD100 / CNY100 or more via using Pull Money on the Hang Seng mobile app and you can enter our lucky draw once(3) to get a chance to win one of the following fabulous prizes:
  • HKD5,000 The Peninsula Hong Kong e-Cash Voucher (total 20 winners)
  • HKD500 FORTRESS electronic voucher (total 400 winners)
  • HKD100 HKTVmall e-Gift voucher (total 4,000 winners)
In addition to using Pull Money to deposit funds, you can also handle other financial transactions like transferring funds, collecting money and paying bills via the Fast Payment System (FPS), QR code scanning(4) and Bill Payment functions in the Hang Seng Mobile App. Now these previously tiresome tasks are so simple and so easy via using one app on hand.


  1. The related local bank account(s) must be the supporting bank deposit account(s) of Pull Money service. For the latest list of supporting banks of Pull Money service, please log on the Hang Seng Personal Banking mobile app > select “Pull Money” > choose “Add other bank’s account” > view the bank list by pressing “Bank name”. The list of supporting banks will be updated from time to time as necessary.
  2. Only applicable to banks which support FPS payer bank account, terms and conditions apply to services.
  3. Terms & Conditions apply. Each customer can only enter the lucky draw once per month with a maximum of 4 chances within the Promotion Period. The Bank will send an SMS to the mobile number of the Eligible Winner registered with the Bank on or before 28 February 2022 to assist him/ her to redeem the Lucky Draw Prize through H A R O WhatsApp. The Eligible Winner must follow the instruction as stated in the H A R O WhatsApp to redeem the Lucky Draw Prize. The Lucky Draw Prize cannot be redeemed if it is expired. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for the Important Notes for offer redemption via H A R O WhatsApp.
  4. Only applicable to merchants that support receiving payment via FPS QR code.

FPS is a real-time payment platform provided by Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited. Terms & Conditions apply. To read the latest Terms and Conditions for Faster Payment System, please refer to Part IX of the Account Rules or Part XIV of the Integrated Account Terms and Conditions.