Looking for computer software, cloud services, or office supplies with competitive prices to effectively enhance the competitive edge of your business? Hang Seng understands that trimming costs is a golden rule for business success and has introduced 2 Commercial World Mastercard offers to help you cut daily operating costs.

1  Mastercard Easy Savings Specials(1)

No matter whether you want to purchase cloud services, software or management tools to make your business more productive, or spend less on trips or office rentals, you can run a quick search for all sorts of money-saving solutions at easysavingsspecials.com. Give a strong boost to your business efficiency with lower costs.

How to redeem offers

2  Foreign currency spending transactions – 0.8% +FUN Dollar Rebate(2)

You can enjoy 0.8% +FUN Dollar Rebate on overseas spending, or foreign currency online spending

Offers will be updated from time to time. Visit easysavingsspecials.com now to know more!