Hang Seng fully supports the SME Financing Guarantee Scheme ("SFGS")Footnote remark[1], now with the launch of the Online Application for SFGS, commercial customers can simply complete an online application form, upload documents and click the submit button, just 3 simple steps and it’s done.

Step 1 Fill in the online application form
Step 2 Upload documents
Step 3 Submit

From now till 31 December 2021:

New commercial customers who apply for Special 100% Loan Guarantee and concurrently open an Integrated Business Solutions Account (”IBS Account”) can enjoy priority account opening to withdraw the loan without hassles, plus waiver of account opening fee and company search fee (saving up to HKD1,350) and waiver of initial deposit requirement.

Act now to apply for SFGS and upload the required documents online.

Major Features of SFGS


Special 100% Loan Guarantee Updated

90% Guarantee Product

80% Guarantee Product

Facility Type

Instalment Loan

Instalment Loan; Term Loan

Instalment Loan; Term Loan; Revolving Loan; Overdraft Facility; Trade Facility

Maximum Facility AmountFootnote remark[3]




Maximum Guarantee Period

8 years

5 years

7 years

Application Privileges

Full Guarantee Fee Waiver

Enjoy Full Handling Fee Waiver and Full Guarantee Fee Subsidy

Enjoy up to HKD50,000 Guarantee Fee Subsidy, and successfully apply for trade facilities under SFGS can enjoy an extra HKD5,000 Trade Service Fee Discount Coupons