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Management Trainee Programme - Experience Sharing
“I think as a Management Trainee, I can contribute to the Bank by providing some new and innovative ideas. Catching the current trend in the banking industry, because the banking industry is no longer the same as before. As the banking products are more advanced, banking functions are becoming more automated and user-friendly, we can provide some new ideas and bring the Bank to a new era.”
Marca MaManagement Trainee, 2015 Intake
Retail Banking and Wealth Management
“As a Commercial Banking Management Trainee, we went to many different factory visit trainings, and also attended dozens of credit skills training courses, so as to develop our credit sense and also learn how to manage credit risks in real-life cases. Through these trainings, I’ve learnt how to see through risk, and identify opportunities in managing such risks.”
Tally ChanManagement Trainee, 2014 Intake
Commercial Banking
“I find the guidance from mentors and senior management very helpful because as relatively green banking professionals, we indeed need experienced advice and up-to-date market insights. Our daily works need us to adapt our product knowledge into a very dynamic and always changing market environment. The senior management is always open and willing to share their experiences with us and facilitate our decision making process.”
Candice HuoManagement Trainee, 2015 Intake
Commercial Banking
“I think this Financial Control Management Trainee Programme is far unique in the job market in terms of careers prospect and programme structure. As aiming to groom professional analyst roles in the banking industry, Hang Seng Bank encourages Management Trainees to take different professional qualification examinations such as accountancy, financial management, and even risk management.”
Arthur TongManagement Trainee, 2014 Intake
Financial Control
“After joining the Management Trainee Programme, I think I have improved a lot especially in communication skills, because Hang Seng is a massive bank. I have a lot of counterparts to deal with where I have to communicate efficiently from time to time to ensure I get the message across accurately and effectively.”
Crystal ChengManagement Trainee, 2015 Intake
Financial Crime Compliance
“When comparing Hang Seng Bank to other career opportunities, what I really like about the Bank’s Management Trainee Programme is that it offers a rare to market three-year long training. Secondly, it provides a comprehensive rotation arrangement between the back, middle and front offices, where we are given a chance to form a holistic view of the banking operations and explore how we would like to develop our career within the Bank.”
Don NgManagement Trainee, 2015 Intake
Global Banking
“What differentiates the Hang Seng Operation Management Trainee Programme, compared to other companies, is the mentorship programme. One of the key things of the mentorship programme is that you are paired with a senior management throughout the year. You can exchange your ideas and ask your mentor his/her experience, and they may pass some of the wisdoms that they have accumulated throughout the years.”
Jonathan BlissManagement Trainee, 2015 Intake
Operations, Services and Technology