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Hang Seng Bank Branch Service Arrangement

In response to the latest developments in the COVID-19 situation, the service hours of all street-level branches, outlets in MTR stations and Business Banking Centres have been adjusted until further notice. For details, please click here.

As a convenient alternative to visiting Hang Seng service points, customers can use one of the Bank’s other service channels, such as e-Banking, mobile banking or phone banking (personal customers: 2822 0228 / commercial customers: 2198 8000) to meet their banking needs.

Due to the implementation of enhanced security measures at the universities, access to university campus may be restricted to staff and students only. Customers wishing to visit university branches are encouraged to call our Customer Service Hotline at 2822 0228 in advance.

The Bank apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Security Alert

Don't be tempted by quick money. Don't lend your bank account to anyone to launder money. Beware of criminals who offer quick money via telemarketing or social media platforms to lure the public into selling or lending their bank accounts or use their personal credentials to open bank accounts. Criminals will then use these stooge accounts to receive / launder fraudulent payments or other crime proceeds.

Never sell or lend your bank accounts or personal credentials to others as these might be abused for unlawful purposes and may expose you to the risk of committing money laundering offences – the maximum penalty is a fine of HKD5 million and 14-year imprisonment. View more security tips

Activating / switching your Mobile Security Key to a new device

After activating / switching your Mobile Security Key to a new device, you will need to verify your identity by using any Hang Seng Bank or HSBC ATM (Select “Other Service” > “Identity verification for Mobile Security Key activation”) or call our Hotline (852) 2822 0228 (Phone Banking PIN, or Voice ID required) before you can use some of our transfer functions.



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