Community Investment

Hang Seng is committed to the wider society. Our four pillars of community investment are:

  • Future skills for employability 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial literacy
  • Care for the community


We invested HK$33 million in community development in Hong Kong in 2019, bringing our total contribution over the past decade to HK$282 million. 


Apart from leveraging our financial strength, we also invest nonfinancial resources, such as volunteer time, professional expertise and practical support. In 2019, our community programmes and staff volunteering initiatives included more than 1,800 activities. We donated financial and nonfinancial resources to Bank volunteer activities, charities and community organisations that collectively served more than 2.5 million people in Hong Kong. 


For details of community investment initiatives, please refer to our latest Report.

Future Skills for Employability


Providing employment-related skills for youth, regardless of social or economic status, accounts for more than one-third of our community investment. This supports the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education.


The “I am…” online platform and mobile app


This new portal – run in partnership with the non-governmental organisation St. James’ Settlement – provides personalised career and academic advice, including mentorship, for young people between 15 and 29. To help those at the crossroads of studying and beginning a career, it provides information and guidance, including recruitment market data, for personal development or career planning.


Launched in September 2019, it is Hong Kong’s first youth portal offering interactive mentorship via chatbot and aggregated data analysis technology. Users receive real-time advice from over 230 qualified online career and academic mentors, including 45 Hang Seng staff and management trainees. The portal also provides personality tests, career and academic news, and an online TV channel.




We encourage budding entrepreneurs to develop sustainable businesses. 


Hang Seng Youth Career Planning Scheme


We partner with The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention in Hong Kong to offer at-risk youths and juvenile ex-offenders an opportunity to explore career possibilities. We equip them with essential skills – including communication and problem-solving – and help build their sense of identity for making the right career decisions.


Hang Seng senior management volunteer as guest speakers. They share their professional insights and experience, and judge the participants’ business proposals. Successful participants receive start-up funds and guidance, turning their dreams into business blueprints.


Financial Literacy


We leverage our core strengths and expertise by helping people from various backgrounds make informed money-management decisions via improved financial literacy.


e$mart Financial Education Programme


We are very excited to support a new, ground-breaking programme: the new e$mart programme, developed in partnership with the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society.


In the new fintech era of cashless transaction, young people have reduced physical contact with cash and hence give less thought to the management of money. 


The first-of-its-kind e$mart Financial Education Programme is aimed at Hong Kong’s primary school students. A game that simulates digital transactions raises the students’ awareness, while seminars for young parents enhance their awareness and knowledge. This enables effective parent-child dialogue about financial literacy.


Hang Seng volunteers will support the game and utilise their financial expertise to educate students and their parents.


Care for the Community


We build strong connections with our community and our environment via activities that promote inclusivity and social well-being.


Hang Seng Table Tennis Academy


This long-standing initiative – a partnership with the Hong Kong Table Tennis Association (HKTTA) – encourages healthy participation, and develops valuable life skills such as perseverance and a sense of fair play. The academy also provides specialist training and programmes to nurture and support young table tennis talent as they pursue their long-term sporting aspirations. To date, more than 390,000 individuals have taken part in over 7,300 activities. 


In 2019, we announced our provision of HK$13 million to the HKTTA for 2019-21. This reflects our commitment to encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds, and to providing high-quality training for promising talent.


Social Welfare


We have been a close partner of The Community Chest of Hong Kong since 1994, raising over HK$80 million – including over HK$25 million via the annual Dress Casual Day.