As one of Hong Kong’s largest listed companies, we conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner and use our public platform to promote good environmental stewardship.


We are working to reduce our consumption of energy and natural resources, reduce waste and use environmentally friendly products and services whenever possible. We use internal channels and volunteer service to raise environmental awareness and communicate green values to our staff. We also encourage our suppliers, business partners and customers to improve their environment performance through our policies, services and community engagement activities.


We have set annual targets that aim to minimise the negative environmental impacts of our business, and we engage in activities that have positive impacts.


Beginning with our headquarters building in 2005, we have led the way among local banks in gaining the internationally recognised ISO 14001 environmental accreditation. In 2011, we became the first local bank to achieve this certification for all Hong Kong offices and branches.


Established under the Environmental Policy we implemented in 2003, our Environmental Management Committee, which is chaired by an Executive Committee member, closely monitors our environmental management system (EMS) to ensure it continues to meet ISO 14001 standards. The Committee is also responsible for ensuring our EMS and business strategies complement each other in support of the continuous improvement of our environmental performance. Moreover, the Committee has set out a wide array of environmental instructions, such as green procurement, waste management and more, to guide our employees to adopt various green practices and achieve a greener workplace.


Our Environmental Initiatives


We promote green messages among our internal and external stakeholders through various channels, including training and volunteer activities.
Nearly 28 million e-Statements and e-Advice notices were generated in 2017, which collectively saved 76.3 million sheets of paper.
We also supported various environmental initiatives such as the Friends of the Earth (HK) ‘Power Smart’ Energy Saving Contest and WWF (Hong Kong)’s Earth Hour.
To support the conservation of biodiversity, we stopped serving shark's fin at Bank functions in 2003 and have since removed endangered reef fish from our menus. We also provide a WWF (Hong Kong)-endorsed sustainable seafood menu at our banquet hall.
We closely monitor our greenhouse gas emissions and take steps to stay informed of environment-related regulatory developments that could directly or indirectly impact our business. (For detailed environmental performance, please refer to our latest Corporate Sustainability Report.)
We have adopted the Equator Principles, and have specific guidelines on lending to businesses operating in environmentally sensitive sectors such as chemicals, energy, forestry, freshwater, mining and metals, agricultural commodities, and World Heritage Sites and Ramsar wetlands.
We continue to participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project, which provides a forum for the world's largest institutional investors to collectively consider the business implications of climate change.
Through training programmes and our internal practices, we empower our staff to act as Green Ambassadors among their associates, families and friends by raising their awareness of environmental issues.

Hang Seng Yunnan Biogas Programme


For almost a decade, we have partnered with The Conservancy Association to promote the benefits of renewable energy and provide biogas facilities to rural communities in Yunnan province on the Mainland.


Since 2007, the Hang Seng Yunnan Biogas Project has constructed 4,600 biogas facilities that collectively provide clean and free energy to nearly 18,000 people. Hang Seng volunteers visited the site to monitor the performance of the facilities.


To mark the 10th anniversary of this project in 2017, we are supporting the construction of a low-carbon village in the province.The Hang Seng Yunnan Low-Carbon Village project aims to reduce dependency on natural resources by installing appliances such as solar heating and biogas facilities, and implementing programmes that help enhance the entrepreneurial skills and economic status of local villagers.


Environmental Awards


In 2017, Hang Seng 113 became Hong Kong’s first domestic bank office building to be awarded Platinum certification – the highest attainable level – under the US Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) scheme.
The Bank was awarded the Joint Energy Saving Award at the 2017 CLP GREEN PLUS Recognition Award.